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  1. B

    Can I stetch a photo to match another based on common points in both photos?

    Hi. Very new to Photoshop but am trying to use it to accomplish a before/after photo comparison. I have two photos of a room from slightly different but similar perspectives due to where the photographer was standing. Other programs I've used can stretch an image based on a set of "control...
  2. W

    How would I ....

    Good afternoon everyone, I was combing though some old photos the other day when I came across two photos that made my creative side perk up, but I have no idea how I would accomplish what my brain cooked up. The basic idea is to take a macro-ish sized object and have it look as if it's...
  3. C

    HELP: How do they accomplish this with the photos?

    Hello all! I am new to Photoshop Gurus, although I have check out stuff on your site before for various projects...always good stuff!! Just wanted to reach out and check in and see how they might accomplish this with the photos they used: Thanks for the help! Cheers!
  4. C

    Which shortcut do I use to accomplish this?

    Which shortcut do I use to accomplish this? (SOLVED) I was watching a jewelry retouching video wherein the designer made a selection, switched to the brush tool, used the eyedropper to select a color and then used a shortcut to fill in the selected area with that color. This can be accomplished...
  5. D

    Help removing shadow

    Hi everyone, I have a picture that I need some help removing the significant shadows (mostly just from the child - the rest is not as essential). I would also love to learn what you did to accomplish this, as I'm working on improving my PS skills. Thank you in advance!
  6. M

    Need help merginng faces

    I've been trying to figure out how to do this for a while, blending two photos together. Kind of like how some people do with different celebs to see how'd they look. I've done it successfully maybe one without it looking crazy. wondering if someone can do one merge for me and then i can try...
  7. SylkRode

    Diffracting stars in PSCS3

    I've been wanting to re-create a the visual effect used by Sid Sutton to make the Doctor Who title sequences of the 1980's (video: but I can't find anything useful. I'm just looking to do static images, of course, but the motion blur technique creates...
  8. R

    How can i do this?

    Hi. Hope someone can help me out. I am trying to do this to my 3 solid shapes I created in PS. I want to replicate this picture below of 3 blocks. I do not know what to use to accomplish this effect. A brush? Eraser tool? The three shapes have a grey background. Any help in explaining how to...
  9. L

    How do I even begin to do this?

    What techniques do I need to learn to be able to accomplish something like this graphic?