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Help removing shadow


New Member
Hi everyone,
I have a picture that I need some help removing the significant shadows (mostly just from the child - the rest is not as essential). I would also love to learn what you did to accomplish this, as I'm working on improving my PS skills. Thank you in advance!

2016-03-09 14.48.31.jpg
Hi dpnation

This may not the answer you want yet:

The best way to get a good photo-retouching result is to start with the absolute best image you can get. So the first step/question would be is how hard would it be to do a reshoot. With the amount of PS work involved, it sometimes is much easier to just get another shot. That is what I would do with this image.

Of course, unless the question is academic for learning purposes as opposed to actual retouching project for delivery to someone. Other forum members may jump in yet thought I would provide my quick opinion.

Hope it is of some use.

John Wheeler