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  1. T

    Specific "Fixing" a picture (removing a person and fix lighting)

    Hello, Since I´m not that good with photoshop, I was wondering if someone could help me out by editing a photo. I´m looking for the 3rd person from the left to be removed and to fix up the lighting (the guys on the right especially). If it is possible please place the 2nd person on the left...
  2. I

    Specific Remove red background and make symbols as clear as possible

    Hi everyone! I've been trying to remove the red background from these pictures and make the background transparant, but i can't seem to make it work. No matter how hard i try, there are always a few red-ish pixels left. Also, is there a possiblity to enhance the quality of the symbols? Thank...
  3. C

    Specific Remove white surface

    Can someone remove the white surface and make me an png out of this. So i need this picture without the white surface so i can add it into word without problems with my text. I just need the picture of the man, so his signing can be removed aswell. Thank you!
  4. T

    Please clean up window reflection

    Hi there! Please assist me with this photo by cleaning up window reflection. (mainly removing the people) It's just a little distracting. Many thanks!!
  5. V

    Please help removing my hand and iPod

    I don't know why but I really find that my hand and iPod ruin the picture, it'd be really appreciated if someone could get rid of them. Also, if it's not too much to ask, could someone also remove the picture frame? Removing the picture frame really isn't necessary but I'd like the background to...
  6. E

    Help with removing text off of an image

    Help with removing text off of an image can anyone help me remove the text please thank you very much in advance
  7. R

    Removing flash from photo

    Can someone please help me remove the flash from the photo? Is it possible?
  8. M

    Photoshop app

    Is there a mobile app I can use for removing plants from pictures?
  9. A

    please remove guy in the middle

    I need help removing the guy in the middle please
  10. R

    Problem with hair

    Hello everyone, I've lately been learning photoshop (using a friend of mine as modeling material :cheesygrin: ).anyway I've got this problem with hair,can someone make the background of this photo transparent without changing anything in the hair (not removing the little hairs flying...
  11. M

    Words removed from this image (simple)

    Hello! I know how to remove the words from the sky, yet lack access to photoshop on my personal computer. Hoping someone could quickly do this for me, it's quite urgent. I need the words "Aesteria" and "PVP" removing. And if it could be cropped to remove the hazy edges, that would certainly be...
  12. D

    Text removal request

    Asking for help removing the text from this without distorting the image. Thanks Very Much!
  13. N

    background removing help

    Hi there, i have a problem with this image background removing, i removed the background using ps & topaz re mask tool, but i can't get proper removing of the women hair. can any one help me to know how to remove background on these situations. Thanks!
  14. L

    How to remove a colour cast

    I am interested in exploring ways of removing colour casts and would welcome your advice and expertise. I am aware that there are several ways that one might try but I have never had a real discussion around the problem. As an example here is an image obtained by scanning an old 35 mm colour...
  15. S

    Can someone please repair the color of this photo?

    Can someone please fix this image by removing the orange color?
  16. K

    Removing fence from photo

    Hello! I have photoshop but am very new to it. I attempted to remove the fence from this photo, but had a very tough time making the shadows and the elephants feet look real (with toenails and all) after removing it. Would someone be willing to give it a try? Thanks so much! :)
  17. L

    Help me removing the background, please!

    Hello everyone, I hope that you are having a great day! Well, the other day I was trying to edit a picture to include that in a page, and I tried to include a Image that combine with the backgrund, but I don't have any experience on photoshoping, and it may be really simple for you, but hard for...
  18. D

    Help removing shadow

    Hi everyone, I have a picture that I need some help removing the significant shadows (mostly just from the child - the rest is not as essential). I would also love to learn what you did to accomplish this, as I'm working on improving my PS skills. Thank you in advance!
  19. T

    Help with removing something, please!

    Hello. I've tried to do this myself, but I just can't get it right. Could someone please remove the hair from my cheek in this photo?
  20. N

    Remove flare from night shots

    Hello all, I am having difficulty removing those flares from the pic attached here. I tried cloning but the results are not so good. What method do you suggest? The camera used is Nikon D800 with Nikkor 16-35 mm lens. Many thanks!