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    removing the camouflage from the image

    hello people. i need to remove the camouflage from this image so i am basically left with a white template with the wrinkles to add on my own camouflage to it, i've tried manually removing the camouflage by layer masks, but it was a messy result. i can imagine it would need a greyscale...
  2. A

    removing someone from a picture

    Hi I am new to this and wanted some advice on how to remove someone from a photo any help will be gratefully received. thanks abbi :)
  3. D

    Removing flash background shadow

    Hello, Last week I shot a company event and didn't have an external flash or diffuser. This resulted in a very contrasty background shadow. If it were just one shot, I would clone/stamp and be done; but I have about 25 shots to correct. Any quick method to remove the shadow or at least...
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    Removing background automaticly from multiply images

    First, I want to say Hi, cause I'm new to this forum and I hope to write here more in the future. And I don't hide that I came here looking for some help. Here is my problem. I've got about 3000 photos, in which I want to remove background automaticly without selecting shape manually. Photos...
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    Removing someone from a photo

    Hi! I sadly do not have Photoshop C5 so can not easily remove someone from photos. I tried the cloning tool to just place the background over the person to be removed but it doesn't look very nice. (I'm just starting to use photoshop). Does anyone have a few spare minutes that would be willing...
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    Removing the pole

    Hi Guys, This is my first post here so I hope I have done it correctly. I have attached an image where I want to remove the white pole, initially I tried content aware but this seems to not be the advised route, more rebuilding the picture, do you have any advice on the way I can do this. Much...
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    Removing difficult backgrounds

    Hi all, I'm using Photoshop CS3 to prepare images for a scientific field guide (for print). I need to clip out complex images of corals and place them on a black background. I have tried a few different techniques thus far, but haven't had a lot of luck. Often, the background color is...
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    Removing Camera Shine

    Is there a quicker way to remove camera shine? I have to individually do several pictures. I was hoping there was a way to batch edit several photos at once. I tried the ShineOff photoshop extension and it doesn't work that well in my opinion.
  9. G

    Removing Styles

    So I went into the actual folder the styles are in (Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS3/Presets/Styles), and deleted the styles I don't want to show up when I click on the drop down menu on the ride side of the screen, in PS, restarted PS, and they're still all there. :frown: So I tried deleting them...
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    Removing Invisible Objects (not layers!)

    Hi everyone :) I'm new here, and not very experienced with photoshop (though I can do most things I need to do). I tried searching this, but could only find pages talking about how to delete hidden layers... I have made a logo which is white and red on a black background. I need to make...