1. DZRasta

    Acne removing and changing eye color

    This is my first post here, what do you think about it ?
  2. M

    Improving cell phone camera head shot (was: Removing wrinkles)

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Photoshop and I would like to edit my photo: - removing wrinkles (forehead, under eyes, the right cheek (left in picture)) - because of my glasses, you do not see skin under the edge of my glasses: I want this to be changed Can anyone help me with this?
  3. B

    Image Editing Help- Removing person from background with Photoshop

    Hi, sorry to bother again. Please can I have some help removing the person behind me in the picture? I am located on the right hand side and have also managed to cut my chin off. I have tried editing the image but have had some difficulty. I would appreciate the help, thanks. P.S. I would like...
  4. A

    Request: Remove people near the tram

    Hello all, I have a request, hopefully not too hard to do but if it is I'd understand. I'd like to remove the people from this photograph, ideally everyone but if it is too much work it'd be ok with removing the 3 persons at the bottom. Is it possible? Kind regards.
  5. I

    Removing Background (Image Inside)

    Any tips on the quickest & effective way to remove everything apart from the cake? So far I have tried: - background eraser set to Discontinuous, and the cake seems to be removing too. - Magic wand tool, again, not working. - Quicke selection tool Obviously I have the option of manually...
  6. Z

    Question about text

    I'm very new to photoshop and i've been doing some digging on a photo i want to change the text that is embedded in the photo, I saw a video of someone removing text using Content-Aware but it only makes mine look messed up.
  7. T

    Video Tutorial: Removing a Person (Without Getting in Trouble with the Law)

    This is a Photoshop Video Tutorial on how to remove an unwanted person/object from photographs. It replaces them with the background of the photo which will seamlessly blend into the photograph and make it appear as though they were never there. Link to Video:-...
  8. R

    Removing a person from behind someone in the background

    I have been working on trying to remove the person in the background of the attached picture for weeks. i keep trying to use content aware, clone stamp, healing brush etc.. but not seem to work. Anyone have any ideas on how I can remove the person from the background of this picture? They are...
  9. D

    Removing person and adding to a different picture

    I've seen tutorials on this but none of them explained how to make it blend in so you can't even tell it was photoshopped into the picture. I use the magnetic lasso but there are always areas where it isn't smooth or part of the background is showing. Especially the hair. On top of that it will...
  10. G

    Removing ink bleed through paper.

    I have some art I did back in high school that I recently scanned in. They are just pen doodles that I did on regular lined notebook paper. But on some of the pages I drew on both sides of the page, so when I scanned one side the ink from the other side bleeds through. I'd like to remove...
  11. P

    Autocad to Photoshop - removing lines

    Hello: I made a drawing of a window in autocad - window frame, sill, sash etc. I then do a print screen and bring that drawing into PS, reselect the outside lines, and then move it into the drawing I am working on. Once it's in the drawing I am working on, I trace it making selections and...
  12. L

    Need help in removing tape marks.

    Hello! Can someone help me with this old black&white photo. It has tape marks, I do not know how to remove them. I have attached a copy of the photo. Please let me know how you would clean the photo up.:question:
  13. P

    Removing lens flare on a detailed area

    Shooting a wedding recently, I suffered from lens flare caused by the church windows, a sort of upside-down artifact over the subjects. I have managed to fix most with a combination of a levels adjustment layer on the offending area, which has worked fine for skin tones and the bride's red...
  14. M

    Removing Green Screen

    I have a new customer who sent me a few hundred images which one of his employees shot against a green background. It would be easy enough to remove the background, but the green is reflecting on lighter colored products (Like a gray sweatshirt) and some of the pictures are of transparent items...
  15. D

    Issue with layering I am having (Specifically for removing hair)

    Hey everyone, I just recently got Photo Shop and have had a great time using it, big step up from what I was using. I am very excited with the layering tools and especially to be able to remove hair so cleanly from backgrounds. Now, when using an image with a flat color background I can do...
  16. J

    Removing print patterns and re-coloring

    Hello wise gurus, I am currently editing some ski action shots. The jackets have a printed pattern. I need to remove the pattern, while keeping the details of the jacket, and re-color the jacket. This is above my limited (self taught) photoshop knowledge. I am not sure how to approach...
  17. S

    Removing people out of a photo

    Does anyone know how to edit out a whole person in a photo? I am trying to edit out the person on the left in picture... ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
  18. Z

    removing a white back ground

    Hi guys Hope you can help I’m trying to remove a white back ground from a stock image - and make it transparent , but don’t know how to - let me explain . I have a fish bowl that currently has a white back ground - this bowl will be placed on a surface and have the white be transparent...
  19. JustThisGood

    REMOVING an unwanted TATTOO! (+adding one!)

    Guy told me he didnt like his tat, so i helped him see what it would look like
  20. YahyaK

    Removing Glasses in Photoshop