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Removing ink bleed through paper.

George Scott

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I have some art I did back in high school that I recently scanned in. They are just pen doodles that I did on regular lined notebook paper. But on some of the pages I drew on both sides of the page, so when I scanned one side the ink from the other side bleeds through. I'd like to remove those portions but keeping the original lined paper look. I tried content-aware fill, healing brush, spot healing brush, and more but nothing seems to work quite right. I seem to have the best luck with the patch tool, but for the parts selected close to ink, the replacement patch gets blue ink blur. It's like Photoshop is trying to guess what should go around those edges but all I want is just the plain selected area. Can someone suggest a decent tool and settings to get rid of the bleeds?

P.S. I'm using CS5
Use the clone stamp tool with a feathered brush. It sounds like you have got the content aware fill selected for your heeling tools, but I bet when you get the hang of how to use them properly, life will be a lot easier.
I had this issue once with a pen drawing on lined paper.

I needed to get rid of the lines on my scan. I used the magic wand tool, and played with the tolerance levels (for quite a while), until I had nearly all of my drawing, and nearly none of the lines, selected.

I copied the selection, pasted it to a new layer, CTL+clicked on that layer's thumbnail, and filled the selection with solid black. I then used the eraser to get rid of the line residue from the original scan.

Turned out pretty good. If I can find that drawing, I'll post the before and after.