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  1. R

    Remove red ink remnants from a colour photo

    have a colour photo with red ink drawn on it, on a white wedding dress. 98% ink removed using baby wipes & shaving foam, but still some remnants, only visible when zoomed. I was hoping for a colour replacement option to replace the red with white, HELP Please
  2. H

    Ink overlay frame

    Hey How can I do this? I can’t even describe it properly but it’s an ink smudge image in between a frame
  3. L

    The mummy

    first in ink and lead then digital magic.
  4. Jessicayla

    Digital Paintings and Traditional Drawings (LOTS of images!)

    It has been SO long since I've been on this board, but I figured I would post some stuff I've worked on. I've been working on my drawing skills and trying to improve my digital paintings, so here are some of the pieces I've done this year. ____________________________...
  5. F

    Putting layer with stamp OVER image with only the ink overlaying??

    Hey Guru's I have a n00b question. I am trying to put a layer (with a stamp print) over a picture. But I only want the black ink from the stamp over the image not the white background the layer itself. Every time I try to do it the white background comes with it and it just doesn't work. I've...
  6. hershy314

    Why is it doing this?

    I tried printing a photo of my nephews for my mom but it's not coming out right. I know there is plenty of ink cause I just put new ink in the printer a couple months ago and I don't do much printing. As you can see from the photo there is something just not right. When I put the ink in, it...
  7. I

    T-Shirt Printing

    Any of you done any t-shirt printing before? I am thinking of doing some hobby printing and see if I can make a small income with it. I would be going for heat press transfers with a epson printer using pigment ink or sublimation ink to start with. Feel free to share your tips if you have any...
  8. S

    Are You Inked?

    This is my one tatt, but I have ideas for a few more I want to get. For those unfamiliar with it, its called The Southern Cross. A lot of people have this tatt, but not in the way I do. Most are dull blue. For me, the cross represents standing up for freedom and your rights, and black and...
  9. M

    An effect similar to "Define as Brush" without any actual brush-making.

    I know that title doesn't really make much sense, but what I want to do is very specific and I can't imagine that there isn't a way to do it. I illustrate using ink, sometimes pencil, and when I bring those lines into Photoshop I often recolor them. So far I've only needed to recolor smaller...
  10. G

    Removing ink bleed through paper.

    I have some art I did back in high school that I recently scanned in. They are just pen doodles that I did on regular lined notebook paper. But on some of the pages I drew on both sides of the page, so when I scanned one side the ink from the other side bleeds through. I'd like to remove...
  11. P

    3D Tire tracks in Ink

    Hi everyone, My question is, what is the best way to make tire tracks in ink? I am at the storyboard stage of a short animation about a bot character moving around a table who knocks over a bottle of ink. I am using Cinema 4D for modelling and planning to use Realflow for the ink. The...