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3D Tire tracks in Ink


New Member
Hi everyone,

My question is, what is the best way to make tire tracks in ink? I am at the storyboard stage of a short animation about a bot character moving around a table who knocks over a bottle of ink. I am using Cinema 4D for modelling and planning to use Realflow for the ink. The character, who moves about on wheels, rolls through the ink and leaves a track behind him.

I just wanted to know what would be the best way to create this effect? Would it have to be created seperately in Realflow or could I create this effect in After Effects? Also is there maybe another way of going about creating this effect? Maybe live action?

Many Thanks,
Hi pauly-chops

As you may already know the ink as a liquid "fluid dynamic properties mesh" should be better created in RF if you got the tools, as for the bot moving animation you could easily create it in C4d

You got a ton of work ahead of you mate you need to set a lot of animation sequences, dynamics, gravity, modeling, etc.

This may help
25+ Cinema 4D Tutorials for Spectacular Animations

Hey thanks for the help. Some great tutorials in that list.

I was hoping to cut some corners and maybe have the ink as a 2D animation created in After Effects trailing behind the character as he comes out of the ink but its probably not going to look good that way.