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    Can somebody move tire tracks from sand ?

    Hi, can someone remove the tire tracks from Sand and foot prints? Also could you remove the black splotch on the upper right chest of female? Thanks
  2. B

    Need my classic car slammed!

    Hello Gurus!! Looking for someone to slam/lower my car possibly a couple edits one being no gap between fender and top of tire and one completely slammed on the ground. Thank you you very much for your time!:thumbsup: Matt
  3. P

    3D Tire tracks in Ink

    Hi everyone, My question is, what is the best way to make tire tracks in ink? I am at the storyboard stage of a short animation about a bot character moving around a table who knocks over a bottle of ink. I am using Cinema 4D for modelling and planning to use Realflow for the ink. The...