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  1. D

    Shiny "Chromatic" Effect

    Hey guys, I am trying to achieve this effect on Photoshop. I tried searching for tutorials and keywords but I could not find any. Hope anyone can help me out 🙏 Really appreciate whatever input from you guys.
  2. R

    Pen and paper band logo "transcription" into .jpg

    Could you transcribe this pen and paper into jpeg? It doesn't have to look the same (but it would be ok), it would be also very nice to see your interpretation of it if you would want to do it your way. And please make it white text on black background (ofc. not necessary if you want to make it...
  3. agentmoeller

    caricature logo

    Sketched on paper, then re-drawn in Illustrator as a vector logo.
  4. agentmoeller

    Turtle! Turtle!

    Quick little paper to Ps doodle.
  5. Pipsmom

    Imagine paper texture

    :shocked: Need your advice how to deal with the paper texture on a old picture...I'm doing something wrong and can't figure it out today.... just making it worse Screen Shot where I am so far Started from here
  6. Coffee_Girl

    Is it possible to isolate all colors except the black colors on this pattern?

    First off, I just want to thank you for taking a look at this. I'm not great with photoshop (I can only use the paint tool)... how can I turn the brown areas pure white and only leave the black words and lines? I tried to use the paint tool to "paint" the brown areas white but it takes hours...
  7. R

    Save JPEG file for Web incorporating soft proof color profile

    I have started printing on a textured watercolor paper that produces a much, much lower contrast to the image compared with more glossy or luster paper. Using soft proofing and the paper profile, I edit the images PS6, introducing the needed compensatory contrast, convert the image to a TIF in...
  8. agentmoeller

    Random character

    Pen on paper, then colored in Procreate.
  9. A

    Valentines day gift (photoshop a paper)

    Hi everyone, Could you please photoshop a paper in my left hand that reads Tina (so it can clearly be seen). It's my gf favourite photo of me and I wanted to combine it with something to get a if someone can do above mentioned pm me for a pic. I would pay with paypal
  10. hershy314

    Printing photos

    I've been racking my brain as how to fix this problem. I'll take a photo and go to print it and it never turns out right. I'll always have an odd shaped boarder around the image, if I'm printing on 5x7 or 4x6 inch paper. If I print on a normal size paper it seems to work just fine. I want to...
  11. S

    Making the text on the paper readable

    Hi PhotoshopGurus!! I would be very happy if you help me enhance this image in order to read what is written in the paper. THANK YOU!!!
  12. J

    How can I do this?

    Hello Guys, I just registered to ask this. I am a newbie and I would really appreciate your help. I have a bunch of images like these ones. Some drawings in a white sheet of paper. However, the white sheet of paper looks grey, due to the lighting at the moment of taking the picture. What I...
  13. fredfish

    One for today

    In the spirit of today's date I thought I would post this composite I did a while back for a friend that wanted a Gothic desktop wall paper. Just a bit of fun but by all means comment! Cheers John
  14. A

    Straighten Photo

    Hello, all! I new to this forum and have a limited knowledge of Photoshop. I'm learning every day. I'm looking for help straightening the photo below. What is the best method to achieve this? This is a document accepting my 4th great grandfather, John Hancock into the Western Regiment of the...
  15. P

    Printing greeting cards issue

    Windows 10, Canon IX6550, Photoshop CC2015. I have been trying to print greeting cards, using 7x10" paper, but no matter what I do the print always comes out with a thin border. Choosing 'borderless' in the Canon print preferences only produces a warning message and the resetting of the paper...
  16. K

    Me into a Grizzly

    Hello, Can anyone please make me into a grizzly bear? I want to be able to print this on 36x40 paper and use it for a game at work: I want to be standing up (the griz bear) but also have my face very noticeable in the bear. Here Is a pic of me. I want to be able to cut the pic out and pin the...
  17. S

    How do I poster print sections?

    Hi all. I've been googling for days and trying different found answers, but it's not working out. - or maybe I just don't understand. I'm an artist-painter and work from my own photography. I want to direct transfer printed images scaled to my stretched artists canvas. For example: I'm painting...
  18. agentmoeller

    Robert DeNiro

    Pencil on paper.
  19. M

    How do I make this drawing look like Old textured paper? (DaVinci style)

    Hello, I am quite the newb at photoshop! I wondered if you can help me make this drawing/sketch look like an old textured paper effect; similar in style to Leonardo Da Vinci style drawings. I'll upload a picture of the drawing and an image of the style i'd like to achieve with it. I...
  20. T

    Have I misunderstood digital colors?

    I'm trying to understand things like saturation and vibrance, and have found that I need to improve my understanding of digital colors. (Lets stick to RGB and 8 bits) I have just read, about Prophoto RGB, that it contains colors the human eye cannot see. I know there are several million...