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Imagine paper texture


:shocked: Need your advice how to deal with the paper texture on a old picture...I'm doing something wrong and can't figure it out today.... just making it worse

Screen Shot where I am so far

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.08.15.png

Started from here

Hi Pipsmom,

This is a very difficult one because it is a combination of a repeated pattern in the photo (like half-tone etc...) and a surface deterioration of that photo.

It is possible to reduce a normal pattern using the 'Fourier Filter' but in this case the deterioration of the surface is making it nearly impossible.

I used the Fourier filter (I'll post a tutorial at the end)



With a 'normal' pattern you would need to cover only the little clusters of stars but in this case there are big pale circles = surface deterioration

with result

Screen%20Shot%202017-05-03%20at%2011_08_15 FOURIER.png

Maybe there are other ways and I'll read that when someone comes up with it...

Use of Fourier filter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyox358zIRw&t=341s
Thank you Eggy for confirmation it just isn't me having a bad day :cry: .......... I continue to tweek with various programs...then dodging and burning......looks like I need to work on back ground more then colorise and draw the line somewhere on this one.... early 1900's photographers phew what a work out

Update so far.... With your new eyes...Is it to much on the people?

Lawerance & Neva Smith.jpg
Maybe you could use the healing brush and the spot healing brush to avoid dodging and burning too much.

At the end add a curves adjustment layer to correct the brightness and use a high Pass adjustment layer to sharpen the image but thats trial and error...