1. S

    Distressing t-shirt How to subtract texture from t-shirt design for print

    Help Please! I Cant figure this out. I have a PNG design for a t-shirt that I want to distress. I have a distressed texture file(just the texture no background). How do I subtract the texture from the design so there are like holes in it basically not just distressed ontop of it with color...
  2. T

    How to make site plan like this.

    Hi! So Im in my collage for Architecture Technologist, and recently we've been given some examples, but without covering the process of how to do these drawings. So here I attached the view that Im specifically interested in. Can someone tell how to make this grass and gravel look in photoshop...
  3. R

    How to achieve this texture?

    Hi everyone. New here on the forum, so thanks for having me. 10+ years of Photoshop, but no clue how to achieve the attached texture in the image. Scatter, stochastic, halftone, none of the gave the exact same result. Before going into hand drawing it effectively, tried to give it a shot and...
  4. danimal.dan

    Help: Gritty, Realistic Newspaper Scan Effect

    Hey guys, I've been trying to get a gritty, realistic newspaper scan effect with paper texture but I can't seem to get it. I was following the instructing from this post (find the link HERE, it's the reply from Pierre Vreins) because his resulting image is exactly what I want but can't seem to...
  5. F

    Transfer texture to another image?

    I have two images. Both have skin textures with a lot of detail. One image has the right color I want, but the other image's color is wrong. Is there a way to copy or transfer the color and texture from one image onto the other one?
  6. T

    Need advice for wrapping Baseball with stitches on a 3d sphere

    Hi, first time poster and new member. Running Photoshop 2018. I'm pretty comfortable with photoshop, but I can admit I've spent next to no time in the 3d module. So, in trying to change that, I'm working on some things to get the hang of it. I got a rectangular image of a baseball...
  7. E

    How was this text texture created?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone would know how the texture on this text could be achieved in PS? Thanks a lot for any help with this Jim
  8. C

    Photoshop face texture help!

    I'm very new to photoshop, and I was trying to create a face texture to upload onto a game I'm creating my character in. However I am failing horribly. I was wondering if anyone could help out I have the two files. I can't seem to merge my face onto the facetexture file, and line it up properly...
  9. F

    Need to bring out portion of picture that is camoflauged

    Hi. I took this photo of a crab on the beach. It's one where he's camoflauged in the color of the sand. I was looking for some assistance on how to bring him out more on the photo. Maybe colors. texture, or whatever. I'd like to see what creative ways you guys come up with. I appreciate your...
  10. M

    Please change the background

    Please change the red tiles behind with this: And add the perspective of the red tiles to that texture. Thanks!
  11. U

    How Do I Apply old newspaper texture?

    Hey guys, I've seen this image... I wonder - how do I apply that texture added to the vector artwork? Was it created using photoshop or Illustrator? :rolleyes: Thnaks!
  12. Pipsmom

    Imagine paper texture

    :shocked: Need your advice how to deal with the paper texture on a old picture...I'm doing something wrong and can't figure it out today.... just making it worse Screen Shot where I am so far Started from here
  13. S

    Radial texture

    Hello,I need to create high quality radial texture for watch, but don't know how. Attached image, what I got and what i need.
  14. A

    Stretch and clip texture

    Hi, I'm new to the 'shop, and want to use it drawing spaceships. In this video (https://youtu.be/NK4P4BEHT3A) she uses a pre-made texture at the 1:00 mark that she created earlier and it seems like she pastes it, stretches it, and clips it the shape of a pre-dawn panel on the hull. How...
  15. C

    [Help] What am I doing wrong? Vector Mask Issue

    I'm doing a personal custom project and I want to make text look old and worn down. I stumbled upon this tutorial on google https://medialoot.com/blog/worn-press-text-effect-photoshop-tutorial/ I've done everything it asks and I still cannot get the transparent grunge texture to blend with the...
  16. M

    Skin texture

    Hey gurus im kinda new to the whole photoshop thing but I have been doing some good edits recently but I have been seeing ppl on instagram have this skin texture that I**** really pleasing to the eye it almost look like a barbie do anyone think they could help me out with some videos or the name...
  17. Eggy

    Guess the macro 05

    Quiet here, so lets play. What is this and I'm talking about the top section of the picture, not the flowery texture
  18. F

    Unwrap cylinder texture

    Hello, There are alot of tutorials telling how to wrap a texture around cylinder... but let's say I got a already textured cylinder and would like to unwrap a texture from it... I know that I am able to get only a part of it, but still... how do I do that? Best regards!
  19. D

    Question in 3D textures

    Im trying to texture a 3D model and the easiest way i found to do it was to do a "bleeding option" of gradient on the object, the problem is it doesnt count it in the texture, can i somehow turn that bleeding option into a texture?
  20. R

    Need help removing texture from a photo

    I scanned a photo of my daughter and I'm trying to use it for her yearbook, but the texture really shows on the scan. Is this something that can be removed? Thanks for your help. Rich