1. G

    CardStock / Cardboard Texture Advice

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I am seeking some advice in regard to how I might achieve an effect similar to the picture I've attached below. I'm most interested in knowing how you might go about creating this sort of cardboard texture with the speckled pattern. I've noticed a lot of awesome Mobile...
  2. E

    Textured Box

    I'm trying to create an identical effect to hxxp://chrisvme.deviantart.com/art/Wooden-Table-189789296?q=boost%3Apopular%20in%3Adesigns%20wooden&qo=18 . The artist gives the texture, so really I want to create a longer 3D block and apply the texture. Is this possible in photoshop or do I need...
  3. R

    Help with getting dry paint brush texture.

    Could anyone please tell me about a technique or a brush that can produce the kind of a texture in this image? Thanks.
  4. D

    Texture blending? Clipping mask?...or what? help please.

    Im trying to get this flyer to look more like its acctually ON the wood. i want to see the wood texture in the flyer without losing some opacity of the flyer....thanks in advance.
  5. D

    Is there a good canvas texture generator out there?

    Is there a good canvas texture generator out there? I've been using the built in Photoshop filter>texure>texturizer>canvas, and in the more open areas like water and sky, you can see a repeating square pattern of canvas, even when I adjust it to it's 200 max scale setting. I like that texture...
  6. Z

    Free to use: Tree bark texture

    since you photoshop gurus have been so nice in welcoming me into the community, i thought i's give a little something that could be useful to you in the near future. direct from my camera is a few of tree bark photos that can be used as textures i can happily post up here for you lot to use as...
  7. F

    Creating Patterns

    Hello, I am currently working on a texture for a turtle that will be used on a model in 3ds Max. I am a moderate to expert level user of Photoshop, in my own opinion, but still have much to learn. My question today is this. Is there a way to create an image and then use the brush to recreate...
  8. chrisatlemon

    Is there any way to create this texture?

    hi all, 1) First of all thanks again for the great help about changing colours of dresses and shoes for our online shop. This has worked great, I already have a good number of samples ready. Not perfection but good enough, you can see some samples here: Index of /temp Thanks! 2) My actual...
  9. N

    How can I change the color of this image to white, without lose the texture?

    Hello, I really apreciate your help: I don't know how to erase that yellow and black colors without losing the texture. I have this image as a layer and the eraser tool doesn't work for my purpose. I cleared it changing its settings to black & white and then, making it brighter, but it...
  10. P

    Texture and coloring effect

    Hello All! I would like to know how to make the texture effect in the first poster (green/red one) and the kind of red spray coloring in the second one. Thanks Penny