1. Pipsmom

    Imagine paper texture

    :shocked: Need your advice how to deal with the paper texture on a old picture...I'm doing something wrong and can't figure it out today.... just making it worse Screen Shot where I am so far Started from here
  2. gedstar

    New Photo Manipulation

    Not sure whether I like this, but just trying to get my mojo back, there's nothing worse than looking at a blank canvas and I've been looking at a lot lately :bustagut:
  3. A

    [Request] I tried to make my chest slightly bigger=$ but I messed up..Can u clean up?

    Hi everyone!! =)) I hope this isnt too much to ask considering that i'm new around here but.. I'm desperate, I really wanted to make my chest look a little bit bigger, so I asked a friend to do it , but it looked terrible so I tried to do it myself but the more i try to improve it the...