1. M

    Tragic Wedding mistake PLEASE HELP!

    Hello! So I just shot a wedding a couple days ago and was super exited to get the send off shot! but tragically in all the chaos my speedlight refused to fire behind the couple leaving a frankly terrible photo. I have been super upset about this ever since and thought: " Hey, maybe the power of...
  2. D

    Help with Website Product Shot please!

    Hi all, I've been trying and failing to convincingly combine the attached two images with this post so that it looks like this bar runner (which in the flesh is 880mm long) is on the counter. Is there anyone that can help bail me out of a predicament as I need it for a website product shot...
  3. T

    Trevi Fountain 5am shot

    Hi guys. My first time using his forum - looking for your help, please! :) We woke this morning at 4:45am, ran down to the Trevi Fountain and set our GoPro on self timer. We pulled two good photos off the camera and realised afterwards that the two people next to us landed in our shot! Is...
  4. G

    Ontonagon Lighthouse

    This is the Ontonagon longer in service but well maintained by the historical society. It is located in the Upper Pennsylvania of Michigan and I got this shot last summer. Lots of post-processing here because when I got the shot it was poring rain...I mean really poring. The shot...
  5. Z

    After Effects Questions about JibJab animation with After Effects

    Hi there. This is my first time on this forum, first of all. Secondly, I am wanting to create a JibJab animation with After Effects using an existing video with some pictures of other people's faces pasted on the existing people in said video and I have a couple of questions regarding specific...
  6. S

    Crooked Nose

    Hi everyone! I'm not sure how or if this is possible, but I was wondering if someone could straighten out my nose in this photo. I always try my best to hide its crookedness but it's really showing how it veers off to the right (my left) in this shot. There is also an asymmetrical bump on the...
  7. S

    remove flash hotspot from painting picture

    Job done elsewhere so I removed the post.
  8. Pipsmom

    Imagine paper texture

    :shocked: Need your advice how to deal with the paper texture on a old picture...I'm doing something wrong and can't figure it out today.... just making it worse Screen Shot where I am so far Started from here
  9. H

    Photo of Daughter

    I am not skilled in photoshop and love this pic of my daughter and her cousins. However, I would like a version with just my daughter in the shot. She is the one in the center in green. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  10. I

    Background removal

    Hey all... I have a photo that was taken of me at a venue. I've been trying all night to remove the background, so it's more like a head shot but my mouse isn't the best and I don't have a steady hand. Is there anyone able to help me with this?! Thanks, Ben
  11. D

    Combining images for manual HDR image

    Hello Gurus message board! I've never posted here before but look forward to getting to know you folks. I'm a long time Photoshop user (since CS 5) and am truly stumped for the first time in a while. (I think that means i'm trying new things for the first time in a while...) On a recent trip...
  12. R

    What is wrong with this shot? Need feedback & advice

    Hi everyone – I would love some feedback and advice on a project I’ve been working on over the weekend. I’m doing product photography and shot some boxes and feeding sets. I’m not over the moon with the results and would love to improve them The first shot is a box shot – I’ve shot on a...
  13. A

    How would you edit this star trail photo? When I edit in Lightroom/Photoshop CC, I get this: The trees/truck don't really show up that well and most of all if you peer in and look closely you see a lot of RGB dots on the trees and anywhere besides the...
  14. N

    Blending multiple focal lengths

    Hello everyone, I have been haunted by this question for the last two weeks and didn't manage to find an answer so far. In an interview, the famous landscape of photographer Ted Gore said that he blended two images (one shot at 14mm, the other at 24mm) so that the mountain in the background...
  15. R

    Product Photoshopping - Flat & inconsistent colours

    Hi everyone This is my first post - and I'm feeling brave as I need help and feedback (deep breath) Okay, attached is a test photo that I mocked up for a product shot for a project I'm working on with my wife I've got two problems that I'm looking for advice on Firstly - This set up is lit...
  16. C

    Moon behind trees - a layers related question

    Hi there, in a large photo of a jungle in the afternoon I want to copy a daylight moon. It sometimes happen that you see the moon during daylight. The photo is supposed to be realistic. The branches that are covering the moon should be darker because strictly speaking this is an against the...
  17. R

    window masking for Real Estate Photo

    I have been reworking my real estate photography technique. I am to the point I use a 3 shot 1 stop hdr exposure, I then shoot proper room exposure with a large 650 watt sec nicefoto flash to eliminate all shadows but I am still not happy with the windows. We have lots of mountain view where I...
  18. chrisdesign

    My brand new Steampunk Watch

    I searched for a new watch for quite some time and finally I found it. Here it is. Could't wait to share it. I shot it with my small Nikon Coolpix P7000 with available light this afternoon.
  19. A

    image looks bad when exported

    i'm very happy with the way my project looks inside photoshop - but it looks like completely different whenever I export it :frown: before/after shot: yes, the image is clear when exported; however the intended glow effect is super rough and doesn't blend...
  20. W

    Beginners work

    Hey guys I'm quite new to photoshop and havn't had much experience so i gave a shot at recoloring a couple pictures. Hope you like them.:wave: