1. A

    Problem with colors in photoshop

    Hello there , I have a problem with opening a certain photo I took. When I open on windows it looks like this : And on photoshop cc and lightroom 5 it looks like this : Some detail on the street is completely lost and the colors are different. I shot this picture in raw format. Does anybody...
  2. hershy314

    Moon shots

    Took these two images just seeing how they would turn out. I know I need a bigger zoom lens and change a few settings on the camera to get a good shot of the moon. The first one was shot at 30/1 sec shutter speed, aperture f-5.6, focal length 45mm, ISO 100. The second image was shot at 1 sec...
  3. hershy314


    Messing around with some setting on my phone and this is what I came up with. This is 530 pics taken 20 sec. apart made into a video. Kind of like a time lapse. This probably shot for a couple hours, but after editing it came out to be around 12 seconds long.
  4. Paul

    Screen shot

    I found this on a famous game:wink:
  5. Z

    Pentax K-r test shot (sorry about the white balance)

    sorry about the white balance issue, but I’m still getting used to it, yes, the pentax is in the house, however i can't have it till Christmas :P i can wait 'til then, just to have it in my hand on Christmas day and it's coming to me earlier than i had initially expected. i love it. absolutely...
  6. RedneckR0nin

    New shot of the last wedding of the year!

    One of the nicer photos I have taken and only took me forever and a day to process it!
  7. V

    Making of Sayonara – “Drive Shot”

    This tutorial takes a closer look at the techniques used in creating my short film “Sayonara“. It covers a lot of ground, in particular how I combined CG animation, video, and drawn animation into one cohesive image. I will also be covering, advanced water effects, the TrapcodeParticular plug-in...