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Trevi Fountain 5am shot


New Member
Hi guys. My first time using his forum - looking for your help, please! :)
We woke this morning at 4:45am, ran down to the Trevi Fountain and set our GoPro on self timer. We pulled two good photos off the camera and realised afterwards that the two people next to us landed in our shot!
Is there anyone here that could please edit them out of the photo?
Many thanks

Natasha :)
Hi there

Thanks for your reply. I'm trying to upload but it won't let me. The file is the correct type however, the 'upload file' button isn't highlighted after i have chosen my photo. Any ideas?
Here, I've just copied and pasted. Not sure about the quality doing it this way... :)
In PS, go to image/image size and change the 4000 px value to 3500 px. Make sure the width and height are locked.
If you require members to work on your file then it would be best to have them work on an original sized copy.

I'd suggest creating and posting a smaller reference image for the forum along with a zipped version of the original.
This way, members can decide from the reference if they can help you, and if they can, use the zipped original to do so.

A good size to use for the forum is no longer than 700px along any side.

You can upload a zipped file in the same way as a normal image.

What you don't want is for members to work on a reduced sized image.