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  1. G

    Specific Can you make me look bald?

    Can someone make me look completely bald? My hair has been thinning for a while and I’m considering shaving my head buzzed. I’d really appreciate it
  2. J

    Specific Could someone remove the people from the pic?

    Hi, I would appreciate if someone managed to remove the people in this picture; especially the three in front. If anyone could try to get them all out so that I'll have it as a clear landscape picture, that would be AMAZING. Much appreciation to anyone who wants to try out! Thanks!
  3. gedstar

    Why we have PhotoshopGuru's

    PSG is a forum for people to come and share their Photoshop knowledge and help people with Photoshop or anything else we can help with, but it's not just that it's also somewhere to come and share what you can do in Photoshop or any other graphic design apps We use to have fun challenges and...
  4. K

    Hello, KapDx here

    hey everyone This is KapDx here I am a Youtuber concentrated on photography and cinematography I would love to connect with new people here.
  5. Chsavage

    This Idea I had.

    Who knows if it already exists? Well in a way it does. Let's say you have this car, and you want some new shiny wheels and tires, no problem. There are dozens of ways to get exactly what you want sent right to your doorstep, or installed professionally at any number of shops. Now lets say you...
  6. Speedyslyder

    Hi new to the forum try to figure it out:)

    Hi im new here have been playing with pics for awhile though here to learn from all of the awesome people here yes that is my face:rolleyes:
  7. A

    Photo backdrop 3.x2m + text needed. $50

    Hi all, posted on here years ago and some people really helped me fix a whale shark picture I'd taken! I needed a relatively simple job doing - not sure if I'm posting in the right way! Since then I recently started a skydive business and need to create a 3140mm x 2285mm backdrop image +...
  8. J

    Please fix red eye!

    Will someone please fix the red/white eyes? For people and pets. Thanks in advance!
  9. T

    Please clean up window reflection

    Hi there! Please assist me with this photo by cleaning up window reflection. (mainly removing the people) It's just a little distracting. Many thanks!!
  10. D

    "Winterising" people in a Winter picture

    So, I have a Winter landscape and I'm pasting a couple of pictures of people into it. The problem is that the pictures of the people were taken in Summer and we look in very rude health, bright and ruddy. I know how to "winterise" a landscape, i.e.: make a Summer landscape look like Winter, but...
  11. L

    Remove Thumb

    Any help to remove the thumb from this picture would be great. Many thanks! <3
  12. O

    Remove the cows from this photo?

    Hi, i was wondering if it is at all possible to remove the cows from this image of a street in London during WW2. The people are fine, and so is the dog, but i would really appreciate it if the cows could be taken out. Thanks
  13. A

    Hello !!

    Hello everyone, I'm here because I just finished my Photoshop course but I still want to learn and stay updated, but most important find a good community of people who likes this great software. I also want help with the requests, send it to me :D
  14. N

    Greatings from french countryside !

    Hi guys, greatings from happy newbie coming from france. Can't wait to get new amazing skills thanks to you guys ! Hope to help people as well as much as I will be able. Have a great day ! See you ! Nicolas
  15. T

    Trevi Fountain 5am shot

    Hi guys. My first time using his forum - looking for your help, please! :) We woke this morning at 4:45am, ran down to the Trevi Fountain and set our GoPro on self timer. We pulled two good photos off the camera and realised afterwards that the two people next to us landed in our shot! Is...
  16. A

    Making new words with existing logos

    Hey everyone, hops this is the right board to post this in, i made an account just so i could ask this. Anyway, I've seen pictures several times where people take a logo, say the Coca Coal logo for example, and they'll make it say something else, like "pepsi", but its in the coke font. I...
  17. fogo00

    Hi everybody. Um.. I didn't make an introduction, so here it is XD

    I'm a 17 yo brasillian guy (sorry for english mistakes), and wanted to practice/learn more about photoshop because I'm gonna use it a lot on my job (I'm aiming at game designer), and this forum is a great way to practice, ask questions and see how others do it. People here are also very polite...
  18. C

    Erasing people

    Hi, please pick any of the four pics and erase the people around me and the one in the middle too. Thank you in advance
  19. L

    Pls help an unskilled blonde girl

    Hi there I was just wondering if someone could photoshop this picture to make it look like I have another one of my arms because it looks like I don't have a right arm Also if you could remove the lady to my left and the people at the top along with their stuff andddd if you could somehow make...