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  1. M

    Looking for partner!

    Hello guys, I'm looking for someone (boy or girl) skilled/loyal partner to make small business in designs like selling logo, avatar, overlay (stream), gaming logos, YouTube banner and all, also helping people like making tutorials and editing, if you are interested. Please contact me for more...
  2. D

    How do people do this?

    I know this is going to be really simple for a lot of people, but it looks really cool and I wanted to know how they do it so maybe I can do some myself. Here is the picture i'm talking about :
  3. Hoogle

    Good alternatives to lightroom (free)

    Does anyone know any good alternatives to Adobe lightroom that is free, Autodesk Pixlr looks like the best at the moment on quick look on google, However I will describe what it is for then maybe you can best oint me in the right direction. I am starting a local photography club with my local...
  4. A

    Need help making a silhouette look correct

    So this picture is for the Redstrong Foundation, which is in memory of my best friend who passed away from cancer at the extremely young age of 26. The picture is a silhouette of the kid himself, but it seems to be a bit confusing as to whether it is a lefty or righty golfer. He was a lefty...
  5. C

    Not quite guru yet

    Hello - My name is Cameron. I consider myself to be really good at Photoshop but sometimes I get stuck trying to figure things out so I'm looking for a community that can help me problem solve when I run into snags. And maybe I can help some other people out in return!
  6. D

    Hello everyone

    New guy to using photoshop, learning new things everyday, but always looking for advice and inspiration from people who are really good at using it.
  7. S

    Request to edit photo

    Hi all, I have the following requests for this picture. The right half of the picture will be cut off, but perhaps some parts can still be useful for editing. - remove the right glass and hand of my friend in front of me - remove the 'teabags' under my eyes - is it possible to replace the...
  8. I

    Help with getting the skills, please

    Hi guys. I'm just joined the forum and started to learn Photoshop about two weeks ago. But thing is, mainly what I've been doing is just watching the tutorials and almost no practice. Well, I've tried to follow the teacher but still, what I was doing is just repeating everything. Of course I've...
  9. gedstar

    Challenge 35 is here :)

    :hi: ALL Challenge 35 is up and running, you can post your entries here Rules for the challenge can be found here...
  10. V

    Hello to all new people

    Thank you for accepting in to community. Professional digital artist and photographer. Always happy to meet new people and make new friends.
  11. Eggy

    Mirror Street

    Sitting in a waiting room reading a glossy magazine I saw a picture made in Photoshop (Sepia). I thought to myself, I can do this (In my own version). I could not rip the page because there were other people also waiting. So I started with these pictures: This is the result: This was a...
  12. F

    Hello to all!!

    Hello people, i am bilal feroz from india, i am new to photoshop and would love to learn a lot about it. I am glad to see this great forum and reputed people on it . Regards
  13. I

    Edit photo

    Hello everybody, I need your help! I have a beautiful picture of me & my boyfriend at the beach, but there are several people in the background... So, my question is actually: can somebody remove the people in the background for me? Because I have no experience with photoshop... Big thanks...
  14. P


    Just to say hi! :-) I hope to get a better understanding of the Photoshop challenges and hopefully, teach other people too as soon as I get to understand it.
  15. J

    Placing people onto solid color background

    My A Cappella group and I just recently took photos for our cover. There are 6 of us. We each took separate photos in front of a white wall with studio lights and everything. It's my job to put all of the 6 pictures together to make it look like we took the picture as a group, but I'm having so...
  16. E

    Looking For Help w/ Near Finished BW Recolouring.

    Hi guys, I took this 1908 photograph of a Seneca native and recolored it. I've been working on it the past few days and have a very neat photoshop project going. I'm looking to get this photograph printed and framed on canvas for my girlfriends birthday at the end of July. I would really...
  17. T

    AX promotion

    Guys this sign will be at the center piece of my table in which I will be exhibitor showcasing my startup. Can you awesome guys/gals give me a suggestion or two to really make this sign POP when people walk by. I want people to definitely stop at my table upon seeing this sign. Well, at least...
  18. Tom Mann

    I wonder how many of us are left-handed?

    Silly thought: I just noticed that in a recent response to AgentM, Sam noted that they were both left-handed. So am I, and this started me wondering just how many of us are lefties... What say ye? To reduce "self reporting bias" as much as possible, I would ask both left and right handed...
  19. R

    Could anyone help with photoshopping two images together?!

    I am very incompetent at even basic photoshopping, so any help would be very very much appreciated! Basically, I would like to turn photos of famous people into black and white, and then photoshop them into the below picture so it looks like I have my arm around them: (sorry it's not great...
  20. Kaleshe


    I'm not new but I haven't been on this for years, literally. My name's Kaleshe and I'm from London. I'm 20 years old and I enjoy graphic design and web design. I hope to meet many others with the same interest as me and help people with any problems they have on here. I have a website but it's...