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  1. hawkeye


    Please help my friend Ali Gamal to feed the poor people in Egypt. Even if you can only afford a dollar, it will go a long way towards helping these homeless adults and children.
  2. LemonLuuk

    Tadic 250x250 avatar.

    Tadic. Feel free to use this picture for steam/skype or anything you like. Tips&tricks are very welcome! Every time i try new effects and new ways to improve my skills. But im not sure what you people like. So rate this please on a scale of 1/8. gr8 b8 m8 8/8.
  3. W

    Request: group pic - please help with removing raindrop!

    Hi everyone, When I went on tour early this year, this was literally the only picture which had all of us inside. I really want to print it out and put it on my shelf, but as you can see, there's a big raindrop in the middle which blurs out the people. I was honestly considering trying to take...
  4. A

    Request: Remove people near the tram

    Hello all, I have a request, hopefully not too hard to do but if it is I'd understand. I'd like to remove the people from this photograph, ideally everyone but if it is too much work it'd be ok with removing the 3 persons at the bottom. Is it possible? Kind regards.
  5. G

    I need some help

    Hi people I'm new here and i need some help from you. I have found a magazine's cover and i'm impressed from it. Have you an idea how they do that? Thank you in advance
  6. G

    Hi all

    Hi people I'm gertl and i'm glad to find you
  7. Zain Khan

    Restored an Old Car

    My first attempt to restore an old car. Although I tried it first time, but I think it can be still better, what do you people say? :)

    How do you ensure your colors stay consistent across devices?

    I was working on a portrait today and when I sent it to my android device (to test if the color look consistent) that photo turned out to lack red tint. I want my work to be well represented but I believe people on other computers and smart phones may see something different than I see on my...
  9. M

    Question About Shading

    Hello everyone. It's been quite a long time since I've been here. I am attempting to add people to a family portrait I took (they are awful at telling time) and due to the pictures being taken about 2 hours apart from each other, the shading on the faces and clothing are just out of whack. Can...
  10. M

    Folding image with effects

    The topic pretty much says it all.... but i will provide with an image to give people clear idea as to what im looking for..
  11. NerdDesigner

    Hello All

    Hi I am Pete from sunny Derbyshire in the UK, I have been using Photoshop since version 7 way back when computers ran on steam now using the shiny new CC versions. Hope to learn and hopefully be of some use to people on here :)
  12. C

    What effects did they use on the people in this rendering?

    Hi, I am looking to reproduce the effects applied to the people in this render. I already have cutouts of people mostly in png form without a background. I just need to know how to create the outline and the blocky/watercolor effect- which obviously isn't just a watercolor effect since I know...
  13. A

    Silhouettes tutorials

    Hi Does anyone know of any free websites that give tutorials on how to make good detailed Silhouettes of people in action taken from a photograph? Thanks Sarah
  14. P

    Hello People!

    Hi all, My names Photoshop BOB and I am new to the Photoshop Gurus forum. I have worked with Photoshop for a few years now but am always looking to learn more. I am currently working on a series of Photoshop brushes that I hope to share with anyone who enjoys working with them in creation of...
  15. SeniorS

    Good people, I missed my saying goodbye!

    Hello folks! I promissed to report in few weeks but it's been almost a month now. So i decided to make proper goodbye post. There must been many new members who could wonder "who the f... is SeniorS? And what about he's talking?", so this one goes for ones who knows me a bit. Trying not to...
  16. Hoogle

    Can a few people screen cap for me

    TheHoogleman's Channel - YouTube Can some of you take a screen cap of my youtube channel please so I can see if I have it suitable for all resolutions I know the title text is cramped up on my screen so would like to see what it looks like on other screens
  17. Paul

    Funny people

    This made me LOL so much, just look at there faces in these images:bustagut:'Haunted house' terrifies visitors
  18. Z

    why are so many people so boring?

    i'm starting to get rather fed up of seeing minecraft logo requests around here, why can't people be more unique and ask for something different for their youtube channel? what is so special about minecraft anyway? not trying to start a forum riot, but i am serious about this
  19. Hoogle

    Bad news people: I am back

    Ok so my normal laptop has been delivered to me with photoshop on it My parents and of course Katie have gone back home for a decent nights sleep and stuff so I am on my own for the night. I have not got full muscular control and I still get very shakey but my recovery is happening very fast and...
  20. D

    Add weight to people in 9 pictures. For before and after pictures

    I have nine pictures for a weight loss before and after testimonial. I need some one to add a specified amount of weight to the people in the pictures (what ever you think a person of a certain weigh would look like). How much do you think you can do this for? Give me a reasonable price and...