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  1. E

    Hello guys!

    Hello everyone! Just started using photoshop for the first time! Thought it'd be a nice to learn from the people of this forum and help if I have the skills to do so! Cheers guys!
  2. S

    hello everyone!

    Hi, im from Croatia, i have a lot of skill with image editing using photoshop, i hope i will be a lot of help to people on this forum
  3. D

    Student Photography Project: Photo Manipulation

    I have a photography project focused on "Self". I want to do a blind study where I have people that do not know me edit my photo to see the outcomes. I need as many people as possible to manipulate a photo of myself in photoshop (however you see fit). The guidelines are pretty open, I just ask...
  4. F

    New to the Forum

    Hi, I am new to Photoshop and have been trying to create a logo for my business. However, it has been an arduous process. I read through several posts just to get a feel of what to expect and there are a lot of talented people here. In a word... Amazing. Thank you for creating such an...
  5. Eggy

    3D 3D Perpetuum

    Because next week I'll start with Blender I thought why not do one last one after almost two weeks of 3D. Remember, I'm retired and having way more time (sometimes) then you working peoples. But specially the working people from my country, keep up the good work because I'm relying on you folks...
  6. N

    How do you send images to people?

    As amazing as it is... somehow there is a massive percentage of people who can't seem to open up .zip files... Most of them are obviously on macs or smart phones, but still... cmon this is one of the most basic of file formats... Anyway. Is there any convenient way other than zipping files to...
  7. C

    New to photoshop, After some guidance and hopefully a solution to a crisis lol.

    Hello people! New to photoshop and after some advice and a clear solution to a issue I am having. Here it is I am trying to get a specific look to my images I am trying to achieve a background blur and in some cases blur out specific parts also, I have learned the basics of this via youtube but...
  8. M

    Maria from NYC

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forum and hope to meet some great people who share the same passion for photography. - Maria
  9. C

    Can someone edit the people out?

    Can someone please remove just the two people on the left side of the image and just retouch the photo up a bit?
  10. M

    Can someone remove the people in the background of the picture?

    Hi, can someone remove the people in the background of our picture? We just got engaged, and my fiance loves the picture, minus the people in the background. Thanks in advance!
  11. C

    can someone photoshop people out?

    Can someone photoshop the people out of the image so it's only the girl in the middle
  12. L

    (Hopefully) A quick job.

    Hi, I need to add a beard and lengthen hair. Perhaps an odd request (only just joined), but I need someone to take a photo, and lengthen the hair and add a beard. The kicker is, I don't know what I'd like the end result to look like, specifically. Background: the photo is of a 23yo man by the...
  13. T

    HI Guys / Girls looking to improve my limited knowledge

    HI Guys/Girls looking to improve my limited knowledge Thorrrr is from the UK and can see we have some very experienced people here and looking forward to upskilling myself and eventually pass it back to newbies in the future
  14. T


    Hello people I'm new
  15. gedstar

    New Select and Mask in PSCC20115.5.1

    Just wondering how you people are finding the New Select and Mask feature in PS which was introduced in PSCC2015.5 I've been trying it out and find it pretty hard to make good selections in comparison to the Refine Edge option in CC2015.1.2 and older versions Seems to be very buggy and a lot of...
  16. P

    Need feedback for my sidebar

    Hey people, i hope that i would get here some feedback for my sidebar wich i designed and also build in html. Was i looking for was a minimalistic - clean sidebar so i created this one with a little effect on top of it. But when i'm now looking at it, i don't know, but it looks for me a...
  17. W

    Photoshop some T-shirts on to people.

    Hey there! I was wondering if someone would be able to photoshop this T-shirt on to these people. I am a Student Ambassador at Napa Valley College and am creating a proposal to present to my supervisor. If you can find a better photo of ten(ish) ten people to photoshop this T-shirt on please...
  18. B

    *Need people removed from photo*

    Hi all, Was hoping somebody could remove the two people standing on the far right of the image? Thanks
  19. B

    Help create a "Logo"

    My brother is part of the "Cajun Navy" Basically all of the locals in Louisiana who have any sort of boat that are out rescuing people from the floods. I want to create a logo so that I can eventually make decals for his boat maybe shirts hats etc. He's always liked the mercury black max logo...
  20. A

    Help! Can you remove the people out of this picture and make thie picture sharper?

    Hi! Can someone please remove the people out of this picture and also make the photo sharper so its a better quality picture - like a professional picture if that makes sense? Thank you sooooo much in advance