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3D 3D Perpetuum


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Because next week I'll start with Blender I thought why not do one last one after almost two weeks of 3D.

Remember, I'm retired and having way more time (sometimes) then you working peoples. But specially the working people from my country, keep up the good work because I'm relying on you folks to get my pension...:mrgreen:

3D perpetuum.png

You might say, so what, nothing special...but try doing this in PS 3D without getting very, very frustrated...

Those last two weeks when posting a work I had a very nice interaction with other forum members.

I can only urge you people to post some of your works (3D or other) and to engage in a constructive (and sometimes funny) discussion!
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Yep MrTom, balls aren't an issue in PS...:biglaff:

Let's wait and see what Blender has to offer, except a brain meltdown...:shocked:
Very interesting work and nice to look at.
Maybe more complicating to create than then anyone would think?

I'm very happy that you decided to start learning Blender.:thumbsup: Good luck!
With your PS 3D work you proofed that you're a persistent guy who can do it.
You've got balls MrEggster, I'll give you that.

Roll on next week! :thumbsup:


Talking about balls MrTom...why don't you show some of your own 3D work in the forum?
I personally would like to learn from you. Maybe others too?

Don't forget, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Regards Chris
Thanks Chris!

Actually it is not complicated but it is the amount of 3D objects that maks PS stutter and become slow.
In total there are 39 3D object in this project, and PS has already a problem? I intended to add some little details but I had to stop added parts...
Its not he hardware, I'm sure.

Ah well, when I'm ready to handle Blender I'll try the same project in Blender to see the difference.
Talking about balls MrTom...why don't you show some of your own 3D work in the forum?
I personally would like to learn from you. Maybe others too?

What about that MrTom?

I know you're doing 3D stuff profesionally and its not the same commitment as we hobbyists but I'd love to see some of the stuff you're cooking in your office...
...Talking about balls MrTom...why don't you show some of your own 3D work in the forum?...
...What about that MrTom?...
No worries, only too happy to oblige.

Examples of my 3D work have been on the forum since 2014....

Just very random stuff:
3d show off room

I also posted a run-down on how I created my own HDR Image for use with IBL...
IBL or HDR images as light source.

I can furnish you with more if needed but its fairly random stuff.....some of it nothing but, well, balls!

I didn't post any more at the time as there was just no interest in it from other members....Zeealex was the only other 3D artist around at the time....you see now why I take an interest in what you guys do? (The opportunity doesn't come round that often!)

I don't get much time for experimentation these days and anything else I do has to be kept under wraps....the last project was a TBM....'google' it if you need to ask what one of those is! :rofl:

So...looking forward to what you come up with away from PS.

Oh, and just to keep everyone extra happy on this dull Monday morning.....some balls.


And for those of you wanting square balls.....some cubes.


(All done with my own fair hand....and 3dsMax....and Photoshop) :biglaff:

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