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  1. S

    Removing people out of a photo

    Does anyone know how to edit out a whole person in a photo? I am trying to edit out the person on the left in picture... ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
  2. E

    best way to cut out people

    Ok maybe I missed a memo or something but I have looked at several tutorials but I am still struggling with this. What is the best way to this? I have tried the pen tool and I have managed ok with it so far but it always moves my lines when I let off of the left key. The lasso tool always...
  3. rasoN

    Hello people , Rason is here :)

    Hello people , I'm ,as you all can see , a new member . My name is Edin,I come from bosnia and im doing photoshop about 4 years.I'll try to help people here as much as I can . I hope I'll also get some help when needed :D . I'm 17 years old and I don't take PS as a joke :) . Lately I'm mostly...
  4. J

    Photoshop Retouch_Make People Look Bald

    work offered: I will send successful candidates many photos of people and would like them to be photoshoped to be made look realistically bald. time: I would like this done within 5 hours of me sending it to you. pay: I will be offering ($18 PER HOUR) $3 per photo. (It takes me 10 mins per...
  5. Carson

    How do people color in this stuff?

    I see a bunch of concept art, and it seems so easy for them to color in stuff, and make characters look good, but I can't do it... Idk why it's so hard. How do you use the brushes in a way that they are easier, cuz idk how. Anyone know any good descriptive tutorials?
  6. I

    Hey People

    Hey , just dropin a hello :thumbsup: ,am tryin to learn about PS atm looking forward to it
  7. P

    Photoshop on sites...or people ho have fun in working with it!

    Hi,i'm new on the forum and a not very experienced photoshopper actually..i have got to make a photoshop work for a friend of mine and since i don't have the experience yet to do a fine work,i'm wondering if some of you know a site where you can send pictures and photoshop them for you...
  8. SeniorS

    "Good people, I missed my introduction!"

    Hello! I noticed that most of new members says "Hello" but i forget to do that :( But there's always time to corect such things. I'm new for PhotoShop Guru and forums at all. And for a while kinda get adicted (hope total obsession will not last long). Profesional "experienced" scanner...