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  1. T

    Trevi Fountain 5am shot

    Hi guys. My first time using his forum - looking for your help, please! :) We woke this morning at 4:45am, ran down to the Trevi Fountain and set our GoPro on self timer. We pulled two good photos off the camera and realised afterwards that the two people next to us landed in our shot! Is...
  2. L

    My first Fridolin Drawing!...I know right???!!!

    25 years doin this...never got to do a Fridolin until last week. Quick history. It's a VW. Only like 1000 were made. used as mail trucks in Sweden. Today there are less than 150 in existence and only 20 or so viable. (I think). There's only like 6 or 8 in the US and I got to do one...
  3. Tom Mann

    WE HAVE (ie, humans) LANDED ! ! !

    For the first time in the history of man, we have landed on a comet. What an accomplishment! Feed here: Some great pix here: ... and one specific relevance to this forum is that if you ever need...