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  1. A


    Hi everyone ... new here! I'm a professional pyrotechnician, "SpecialFX-Guy" and show-designer mainly using Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Audition and Premiere Pro ... mainly focused on music-synchronized Fireworks Shows and everything involved with it. Came here to maybe...
  2. furyy


    Hey guys! I'm from Indonesia. I'm a male. I study biology and play video games a lot, but I'd really like to learn photoshop. This looks like a very nice forum. Glad to join the PSG!
  3. Speedyslyder

    Hi new to the forum try to figure it out:)

    Hi im new here have been playing with pics for awhile though here to learn from all of the awesome people here yes that is my face:rolleyes:
  4. Ethycal_Warrior

    Hello Guru's

    Just joined, i am an aspiring graphics designer self taught. Just pursuing a passion in graphics. Sports is my preference but here to learn as much as i can to grow and expand my abilities
  5. B

    Illustrator How long does it take to learn to design good logos

    Hy, How long does it take to learn to design good logos and how many tutorials do you need? Is lynda beginner adobe illustrator course and Udemy enough and then i just have to play with the tools for a while and i will be able to create awsome logos? Thank you
  6. B

    I have a wierd question

    Hello Guys, I`m new here this is my first post. I`m going to a summer school to learn web design in photoshop. I`m doing it mainly to learn photoshop. But now for the weird question. THe school has 40 h of Photoshop teaching and practice. Will that be enough for me to design logos?
  7. T

    Hi from italy

    Hi from italy, it's been a while since my last time i "played" with photoshop (played of course, because i'm an not a professional eheh) ... i come here to learn a little and ask infos :)
  8. S

    Hi from the UK

    Hello, thanks admin for accepting me. I am from Hertfordshire and am very keen to learn illustrator. :) Can anyone point me in the direction of how to create female vectors please? I'm keen to learn but am not good at drawing whatsoever lol. Thank you
  9. K

    How to make parallelogram and laying cover with many pages like this?

    Anybody can tell me the main processing steps, or those functions that have to be used, so that I can search for tutorials to learn. Thanks a lot. Kioo
  10. E

    Nice to be here

    Hallo, my name is Eric and I am doing my first steps in photoshooting and photoshoping! Please don't be hard on me! I am sure to learn so many things here
  11. Azulnauta

    Azulnauta arrived

    Hello guys, I am David from Portugal and pleased to be accepted on this forum. I use photohop for some years now but only to make simple things, so I hope to learn more with your help. By the way, my username means Blue Astronaut (Azul is the portuguese word for Blue) See you around!
  12. Roberts1010

    Tennessee Hello!

    Happy hello from the great state of Tennessee. I am so new to photoshop, that I don' even know what to say beyond the fact I can spell it. Hope to learn a lot as I have several projects that are begging for photoshop expertise.
  13. A

    Hi from Paris :p

    Hello, I'm Thomas, living in Paris, and a complete newbie to both this website and photoshop :3 Even if I'm a law student, which has nothing to do with photoshop, I came to need to use photoshop or other apps, so I gotta learn how to use it :p Looking forward to learn lots of useful stuff with...
  14. S


    Hello... fellow gurus absolute baby here on .. hope to learn as much as possible from the seniors. thanks
  15. A


    Hi everyone, I'm really excited to learn more in Photoshop here. :cheesygrin:
  16. J

    Im new here

    Hello everyone it is really exiting to get to this forum and learn some skills
  17. T

    Oldie but newbie

    Hi, I'm a retired woman in Northern California (thus an 'oldie') but new to this forum. I'm a very basic user of Photoshop and want to learn more. Looking forward to going through the tutorials.
  18. L


    Im Hoping to learn and share knowledge to everyone.
  19. F


    Hi Everyone, My name is Faraaz and I love photography and design. I look forward to contribute to this forum and learn more! Thanks, Faraaz
  20. S

    Hello from an oldie

    My attempts to stay young include trying to learn new things and I am hoping to learn more about photoshop. That said, I still feel old.:cheesygrin: