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Actions Searching for a Photoshop action (fire)

Hello, I've been searching the internet for a Photoshop action which I once had,.....but can't find anymore. So in my search I came accross this interesting forum (sorry if my English isn't 100%).

The action I'm looking for is a specific 'fire' action which creates a nice line of fire around the person.

From what I remember and can find back in an old image, I had to open the original photo, create a new layer and with the brush create a sort of mask on that new layer. That layer had to be renamed to: object

After that I could start the action and it did his job. When the action ended, there were several new created layers and some of them were named:

Background toning
Main Fire
Amplify main fire
Clear Object.

Even with this info, I didn't succeed in finding this action, so I hope someone here can help me.

The action had this as result: