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How to delete a post, thread, or user account?

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How can you delete a post from a thread?

How can you delete a thread?

How can you delete yourself from the forum?
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How can you edit or delete a post from a thread?
You can only edit a thread or post for 20 minutes from the time it is posted. After that, if you have a post that you want edited or removed, you would contact a moderator via "Convo" and provide a viable reason to have a post edited or removed. Your request will then be reviewed by the staff and a decision would be made as to whether or not the reason for editing or removing is acceptable and further action concerning the post would be initiated.

How can you delete a thread?
Same as above for deleting threads. With the exception of the Paid and Free Photoshop Request forums, threads, along with photos, will not be deleted from these forums. These sections have their own rules.

How can you delete yourself from the forum?
We do not delete user accounts, so please don't ask. Personal information is not required from you when you join this forum. There is nothing to delete.

Please see the Terms and rules and our Privacy Policy

Please note that within the Terms and rules, the language stating, "If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use the Service. Use of the Service constitutes acceptance of these terms. If you wish to close your account, please contact us", only pertains to newly created accounts, without public content, that do not agree to our terms of use. These accounts will be removed.

Please note that within the Privacy Policy, the language stating, "You also have the right to request the erasure of your personal data. Please contact us if you would like us to remove your personal data", only pertains to personal information publicly posted by the user such as a publicly posted sir names, email addresses, online payment processing links, or links to personal social media websites. This information will be reviewed by our staff and removed if deemed necessary. But the entire account and most all of it's submitted content will not be removed from the forum.
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