1. 9

    How to delete a post, thread, or user account?

    Hello. How can you delete a post from a thread? How can you delete a thread? How can you delete yourself from the forum?
  2. I

    Book Cover placeholder for public domain project

    I'm working on a site that plays audio books in the public domain. Some of the titles and collections don't have a book cover that I can use for the thumbnail preview or have covers with publishers names on them. I need to use a generic placeholder for those audio books. I've attached the...
  3. X

    layer filled with gradient: the thumbnail shows the gradient and the image is tranpar

    Hello, I am newbie in photoshop I created a layer that I filled with a gradient. While the layer thumbnail shows the good gradient image, the main image is transparent. I noticed also that the rgb chanels thumbnail are transparent. How can I make the gradient color appear on the main image ...
  4. MrToM

    Is It Just Me..? #7 CC 2015.5.1 Layer Thumbnail

    I'll not say how I got into this situation (yet)....suffice to say I shouldn't be able to....right? (And no, it's not been 'shopped' either!) Check out the layer thumbnail. More bugs in CC 2015.5.1....? (Note that's a question, not a request) it just me? Can anyone else replicate...
  5. N

    How To Create This Border?

    how do i make a border like this around the corners of the thumbnail?
  6. A

    How to create transparent shapes with outline/border in CS3

    Hi, I'm having difficulty following a tutorial and could use some help. The image I'm trying to replicate is: type "how to design an epic hipster badge in photoshop" on youtube and you can see it on the thumbnail, no need to watch the video. The guy is using probably a more current version of...
  7. fxchannelhouse


    My first speed art, working on my new thumbnail. check it out - Hope you guys like it. lots more to go on my channel. cheers
  8. T

    Affecting Gamma Levels

    Hello! I am trying to do the following tutorial. I have a mac, so the program mentioned at the bottom of the tut is not available for me. Is there anything I can do to get this preferred result? All mac programs I try to find I could only get to REMOVE the gamma of the png completely, not...
  9. P

    How to create a thumbnail with two images in it?

    Hi, I'm creating a portfolio page on my website, and a while back I've seen a beautiful effect on someone else's portfolio site that I can't find again to save my life. What they did was create a fairly large thumbnail image about 300 or 400px wide. And they took the home page and a details...