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Loop a video layer in Animation Timeline for duration of animation?

Is it possible in PS to loop a shorter video layer in the animation timeline for the duration of the rest of the animation? Specifically, something about 12 frames long to be looped for the remainder of the 1800 frames animation.


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Not sure what your referring to, could you please provide more information.
Unscripted - good idea, but because it is being looped about 150 times, I was hoping to avoid the layers/task for something that should be relatively simple. Might have to do so if no other workaround, however. thanks.

IamSam - I have a character waving, which takes about 12 frames. For the rest of the animation, a lip sync, it takes about 1800 frames. I wanted to loop the 12 frames in the animation timeline so that it is continuously waving for the full length of the lip sync.


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Found this on the Adobe support page,

"Specify looping in frame animations

You select a looping option to specify how many times the animation sequence repeats when played.

Click the Looping Option Selection box at the lower-left corner of the Timeline panel.

Select a looping option: Once, 3 Times, Forever, or Other.
If you selected Other, enter a value in the Set Loop Count dialog box, and click OK."

link is here if you want to go over all the animation information listed - https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/creating-frame-animations.html

Hope this helps
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oh yea, that's in the "Convert to frame animation" (ie. frame by frame section) of the animation window. It's more to do with the output of the entire animation rather than one layer within it. Thanks anyway ~ I may have to drag this thing into AE sooner than later!


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Sorry i couldnt be of more help, i am not very experienced with animation within photoshop, hopefully someone else knows a solution, best of luck :)