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Cropping and the checkerboard pattern


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Hello all you experts out there!

I am a green horn beginner with Photoshop. I am learning on the current version of Photoshop CC. I am working through a lesson on how to crop and angle the image while cropping. I am adjusting the interactive crop border template on the screen in such a way that when I then move he image through an angle, the checkerboard pattern shows, which of course defines a point outside the image. According to a tutorial, when I am moving the image through an angle in this way, the crop borders should adjust to keep the crop within the borders of the image. But this is not happening. The borders of the interactive crop template moves outside of the boundaries of the picture, ending it up within the checkerboard pattern.

So what am I doing wrong?


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Hi Bob

Do you have a link to the tutorial and can you post a screenshot showing the image and layers panel
Try unchecking the 'Content-Aware' checkbox in the menu bar.

There are lots of options up there so if that doesn't work try a few combinations of those options....something should be right for you.