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  1. S

    any tips on how to make the waves on my logo look less grainy?

    i created this bouy logo in cs6 for my friend's youtube channel. It looked like a bouy, but it needed waves to complete the look. I tried to create waves from scratch, but i couldn't get them to look right. So instead, as a test, i cut the waves from a photo that i had laying around on my...
  2. DiaGraphics

    How To Cut Out An Object In Adobe Photoshop

    In this tutorial you will learn how to cut out an object in adoe photoshop. This is very useful when you don't want a distrcting background in your image or if you want to replace the background with something else. This technique is also commonly use for product photography or when you need to...
  3. C

    Edit please?

    I was hoping to have the guy in the wheelchair removed (the blond lady to his right can be taken out too to make room, that doesn't matter) and the 4 people from the other photo inserted instead. I know they don't have feet so it can be cropped or whatever to make it work, doesn't have to be...
  4. D

    Need help Photoshop2017

    I was gradually learning things and thought I was doing ok, until Adobe decided to new improve stuff. I want to cut out an image and move it to another background, which I have done loads of times before, but now the refine edges has gone and I have the select and mask thing instead. The problem...
  5. C

    Can someone please edit my hair/acne in this photo?

    I know this is a low quality photo, taken using my webcam on a site using flash instead of the actual webcam software. Just can't get this exact pose correctly anymore, it can be annoying taking photo's. Previously, I got a hair cut and I got one of those stylish lines, I didn't like it, I...
  6. C

    How did they achieve this cut?

    Hello again! Thanks for all the help on my first post. For this one, I want to knowhow they cut the red part on the left. I have the basketball wood background I'd like to use, but am trying to figure out how to do that type of cut in Photoshop. Cheers!
  7. L

    Cutting backgrounds out of a video

    I have a video of a window with trees moving outside. You can see the wall that the window is on and I want to cut the wall out of the video. How can I do this? I basically want to crop the video so it only shows the window and not the wall.
  8. A

    Please Help Make Photo Quality Better/Remove Cut?

    Don't know if anyone can make it look better, I have just tried cropping it certain ways and it gets blurry if you make it too big. Would appreciate it if someone can increase the photo size and remove the cut on my lip. My edit in an attempt to make it bigger/increase photo quality. It...
  9. P

    request to remove unwanted objects

    Hello, I would like to have below photo as a portrait. I would like to have this black 'object' removed as well as part of my friend? This is the photo I would like to have edited: And this is a photo which I think can be useful to cut fragment of my shirt: Also in attachment a photo...
  10. C

    Magic Lasso

    Hi, I want to cut a person out from a photo with a background and put them in a silly situation. Is the Magic Lasso the best tool for this? I can never seem to get it to "cut out" properly and then I'm unable to blend the figure in with the new background. I'm badly losing this Photoshop War! lol
  11. Z

    Picture with the bride?!

    Dear Community, I hope you can help me solve my problem. At my wedding we took the obligatory family pictures, however I missed to ask the photographer for a picture of just my sister and I. My sister is now suuuuuuuper sad and I feel really bad for being such a crappy sibling, so I was...
  12. MoltresRider

    Define Pattern cut off

    I am having an issue where randomly when telling Photoshop to define a pattern, Photoshop with cut the top or the side of the pattern off every time I try to define a pattern, (see screenshot). It looks like it still will be tileable on this but that is not always the case when this problem...
  13. T

    Remove My Shaving Cut PART 2!

    Well here is another simple easy edit for photo shop veterans. Can someone please remove the cut on my chin? Along with the red mark on my nose. I know my photos are low res, it was taken in a web cam chat room so the quality degrades compared to using webcam software. I also have minor acne...
  14. 2

    Illustrator Cut where the vertical white stroke is, how do i do it?

    Hi I'm getting gray hair of this problem in Adobe Illustrator :shocked: I'm making a logo in Illustrator - i have a problem and want to cut where the blue line is illustrated in the picture or cut where the vertical white stroke is, how do i do it? Extra info the vertical white line is a...
  15. N

    from this photos only i have stay, all other have to be cut

    First of all sorry for my bad English :) Now here is the photo - only i have to stay, all other have to be cut :cool2: Thanks
  16. N


    can someone cut off only the valve from the because it is very difficult for me :(
  17. B

    Gurus help! Still not able to cut the images from the background perfectly

    Gurus help me teach.Still not able to cut the images from the background perfectly.Today its holiday in here and i tried to do some stuff on my favourite tool photoshop and i googled for some images and found a perfect one to haev a go at it. And i tried to cut that image and hair perfect using...
  18. H

    Help with layer cut

    Was wondering if someone could help me? i'm trying to layer cut everything on this image so i can change it all when i need to whats the best way about of going about this?
  19. revnart

    Adding bleed space - need faster way.

    Hi :) I have a question which I'm fighting with for several years. Daily I work as car wrap designer so a lot of my projects are cut by cutting plotters. Every work I create has to be made of tiff file with bleed and a vector .eps file containing cut line. the problem is sometimes client wants...
  20. J

    how can i cut out this anime logo?

    how can i cut out this logo. i try to make background transparent but somehow i fail it anyone can assist me how can i go about cutting it ?