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  1. A

    Creating a photo with more punch

    I am new to digital imaging and tweaking in photoshop. I like landscape photography and use a DSLR camera with a tripod every time I take photos, with mirror lock up, cable release and bracket my photos. After tweaking in photoshop (I use CS3 and CS6), I find that my photos do not have that...
  2. W

    Photoshop isnt working as it should and not sure what to do.

    Hi there, I'm a web designer and I recently got photoshop so that I could enhance and re-create images of my own instead of using other ones on google images. I was trying to change the color of some icons for my resume website. I managed to change one then whenever I did it with the other icons...
  3. X

    Hi :)

    Hello :) I've recently started to get back into Photoshop and photo-manipulation art - both for my job as a gallery assistant and for my personal art. I've used both the old Photoshop (v. 6.0!) and the new Adobe Photoshop CC as well as GIMP. I hope to learn lots and make new friends on...
  4. sabrefoot

    Hello Photoshop Gurus!

    Hi, My name is Sabrefoot and I'm here to learn about photoshop techniques. I look forward to participating in the forum. :-)
  5. F

    Image appears smaller in Photoshop than in Mac Preview

    My first post and probably a stupid question but I just can't understand this: Why do my photos look a lot smaller at 100 % zoom in Photoshop than on the web or Mac preview? When I check the image size and DPI they are exactly the same (for example 1500x1000 pixels, 72 DPI). Please help me...
  6. Jerry D

    Take a break

    When you get tired and cross-eyed from working so hard at Photoshop, take a look at this. For more goodness, click on "NEXT" at the top left.
  7. T

    Wedding pics: Post editing. washed put, contrast tones? How to...

    Hi Working through a batch of wedding edits, I've managed to achieve (at most!) the more subtle tones of a picture, but i'd like to try and produce something that is a little more darker that most wedding photographers are able to achieve. it maybe in RAW editing its toggling vibrance and the...
  8. Zain Khan

    Realistic Apple Digital Painting

    Hi there This is one my latest Digital painting done using Photoshop CS6. I completed it last night. Feel free to comment :)
  9. C

    Picture cutting out strategy

    Hello, I found a lot of recipes regarding cutting out pictures, but I can't find basic principle of doing that. What kind of tools might be used? What are stages and strategies of doing that? Additionally I would like to ask how to cut out picture that is placed on white background on the...
  10. S

    Hello guys

    Just joined...Totally clueless about all things Photoshop...but intrested in learning some basics.
  11. X

    Fix eyes on a image (very quick&easy)

    Hello everyone, I made a fairly good picture of me, the thing is one of my eyes is a bit squinting. I've tried to fix it my self but I just cant make it look straight towards the camera. You probably just have to move the pupil and the light reflection in it. As this is a fairly quick and easy...
  12. 0

    Brush Suggestions for this image

    Hi, I'm trying to recreate the brush effect used in the attached images. I'm struggling to find a brush which is similar enough to this - please could anyone suggest one? (apologies that the images aren't great resolution) Thanks!
  13. N

    Hey there!

    Hey, I'm Nawer. My main interest lies in fashion design and illustration and I'm now starting to discover Photoshop as a new tool in my repertoire.
  14. J

    Is this image real or fake?

    My teacher showed this image to us in class, and im trying to prove it wrong.
  15. C

    Batch Automation Automate photo autocorrection

    Hello, I have heavy directory with many RAW photos. I would like to ask Photoshop automatically correct all photos. When I open RAW image, Photoshop opens it in Camera Raw. There I can do all necessary things to make photos look better. I just set white balance to Auto and just pres another...
  16. S

    Photoshop hair

    I need a new hair color I want to know if hot pink works. Can someone photoshop it?
  17. O

    Actions Photoshop action for special effect

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am looking for an action or instructions on how to achieve an effect in Photoshop like this one in Picart Hope someone will be able to assist Thanx in advance
  18. P

    create faded colour overlay?

    I wonder if anyone can help me. I'm trying to create a colour overlay exactly like the attached image using photoshop How do i do this? Many thanks in advance!
  19. T

    Actions Searching for a Photoshop action (fire)

    Hello, I've been searching the internet for a Photoshop action which I once had,.....but can't find anymore. So in my search I came accross this interesting forum (sorry if my English isn't 100%). The action I'm looking for is a specific 'fire' action which creates a nice line of fire around...
  20. L

    Photoshop me as Captain Morgan! :)

    I would be extremely grateful if someone helped me photoshop this picture of me dressed as Captain Morgan. I was thinking a barrel could be placed under my foot. Furthermore, it would be awesome if could be placed in a nice background such as a beach, or the deck of a pirate ship. However, if...