1. S

    Enhancing baby pic - how to get from before to after images

    Hi, just joined up as I'm stumped on how to get the most out of a picture I'm editing. The photo is of my boy and a design company used this on my website but I now want to use the same image on a leaflet so need it at the original high res and with the top of his head (it was cropped off in...
  2. B

    Help Fixing Closed Eyes

    Hello, I recently had my picture taken with the Edge from U2, however his eyes weren't looking at the camera, which looks like his eyes are closed and its annoying! Please can anyone help me edit his eyes to make them look that they are open? This is my original image: Here are some...
  3. I

    Need help with a picture with closed eyes (please!)

    So I met Train a few days ago and of course my eyes are closed in the picture. :( It would mean so much if someone could fix this for me! I also posted another pic with my eyes open.
  4. B

    Request. profile picture enhancing.

    Hey all, I have a request for a profile picture I have. :) Its a picture of me wearing a skull mask. Now I was trashing around with photoshop myself for a little bit but the only thing I could do to it was make the edges dark so that it looks like darkness around me :P I would be really happy...
  5. F

    how to get out the red eyes?

    hey designers or experienced gurus, how can i get rid of red eyes in fast, simple and easy way in Photoshop? i am aware that red eyes are the most common problems and i was wondering how to avoid using flash? hope you guys had a great holiday. :)
  6. K

    Photoshop Request-Fixing Yellow Eyes

    Is this even fixable? I have been trying to fix my dogs yellow eye look. I can not figure it out because the whole eye turned yellow in the photo not just the pupil. (He always looks so serious...he's a big clown lol.) Sooo... if anyone could please please please help me out. I have included...
  7. Dana Alley

    Need Fresh Eyes and Advice - Christmas Design

    My mother-in-law has hired me to digitally design some Christmas cards. She gave me this description. "this is what I am thinking....snow falling on a christmas tree with a full moon in the backgroundAND (here's the kicker). I want a daisy coming up thru the snow.The daisy is the eye...
  8. A

    Nice for your eyes?

    I am designing some header-strip ads to promote some free reports I'm giving away on my site. I want to get something that is high impact and catches your attention. What are your thoughts on this? Full res: Header Ads.jpg
  9. T

    Please create a picture of fairies in the Amazon sticking crucifixes in their eyes?

    It will be the opening slide on the power point presentation for one of my creative assignments, except the opening doesn't have to be of our own design. Over 4,000 people will be watching my presentation at Hamer hall :)
  10. Hoogle

    Warning do not read if you have sensetive eyes

    I am just messing around what do you think a bit much or to subtle lol just for fun and a pschedelic experience