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    Specific Cover my hand

    Yur welcome. Pretty lady.
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    Specific Cover my hand

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    Specific Increase the quality

    Saturated, added contrast, open shadows, selective sharpening.
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    Specific Birthday Cake Edible Image

    You're welcome. Happy Birthday!
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    Specific Birthday Cake Edible Image

    Inspired by John's rendition then resized for the web. The 8 x 10 TIFF file is downloadable HERE.
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    Specific Removing flower in front of turtle

    Nice shot. IMO, shadows/lights and saturation adjustments may get a little closer to what you saw through the lens...(?)
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    Specific My Daughters Birthday

    A fun play ... Happy Birthday!
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    Specific Remove pickle and Add something scary please

    Thank you. A bit more time with the spider and hand lighting would have made it more 'awesome'er'. :^)
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    Specific Can you make my shirt blend in more?

    Thinking along the lines of Argus.
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    Specific Lead removed please

    A great looking friend.