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    Specific Need Image Evened Out

    As per my other other previous submission. Adobe Camera Raw with masks on duplicate layers can be your friend with these types of shots.
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    Specific Can this be fixed

    Made a feather selection of the washed out areas, applied curves adjustments to match the nearby lighting then another curves layer to alter the contrast. Due to the attached masks with curves, these masks can be filled with black and apply the adjustments with a very low opacity white brush to...
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    Paid Add in a sibling

    Payment received and file forwarded. Thanks.
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    Paid Add in a sibling

    I prefer PayPal. Simply use my email address with them which is Once received, I will give yu the site where you can download a full (non-watermarked) version of the photo.
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    Specific Edit the boys shoes

    In this direction?
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    Specific Baby’s first family Christmas photo

    Here's another play.
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    Paid Add in a sibling

    Getting closer I hope.
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    Specific Person removal

    Borrowed a guest.
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    Paid Add in a sibling

    Oops. Missed that one. :^( Made a few other fine adjustments too.
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    Specific Remove the flare from the lights

    Printable RGB values.
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    Paid Add in a sibling

    Like this?
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    Paid Add in a sibling

    I took 'to the right' literally. Picture right. Oops ... maybe?