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    Hi. Welcome to the forums.:)
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    Welcome! I'm new as well. I remember when it was Macromedia Fireworks. Wow reminds me of being young :cheesygrin:
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    Post Processing Retouching, sizing, file types for making large high quality prints

    Hi TIA. Yeah it can be a bit messy to begin with. I have designed some large signs before for shops. I used InDesign and designed at around 25 percent full size. So example 12ft sign at 36 inches. In vector this then scales up. And using any images at 300dpi so when they are doubled in size they...
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    Hello from me!

    Hi everyone. I'm Rick from the sunny North West UK. Glad to be a part of the number one Photoshop forum! I've been working with Photoshop for years so looking forward to helping others and developing my skills.