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    Problem with some filter

    it looks like a layer-effect outerglow and mode dissolve here is psd
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    Distribute images from layers onto a grid of a larger format poster

    I think it's possible in adobe bridge by making a contactsheet that is big enough for all images in 1 folder and choosing your own layout
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    Examples of movement.

    it's often called an "action sequence"
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    Restore corrupt font

    Hi did you try filter- noise -dust & scratches ( amount 3 pixels) ?
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    Challenge Yes or No?

    I like the chalenges too , but sometimes only 2 participants is not very much
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    Combining Actions Layers and Batch commands

    1) Export your layers to files and put them in a new folder If you open that folder , you will see 2) Then you run a batch on that folder with the action you made, to remove the parts on each flile 3) ) Load files into stack , your new PSD will show all layers in the "Layer"- window 4)...
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    Specific Electronic shutter banding

    here is my try
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    Combining Actions Layers and Batch commands

    Hi Mike Load Files Into Stack makes 1 PSD file out of several files, with each file becomes a layer then you go to "animation"-window and choose "make frames from layers"
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    Combining Actions Layers and Batch commands

    do you want a "batch" to do the same action on each layer ? then you can File > Scripts > Export Layers to Files and put all files in 1 folder then you can run the batch and take this folder as source after this batch, you can File > Scripts > Load Files into stack
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    Challenge #69 : Cyborgs

    Congratulations chris :-)
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    Merging two separate paths

    1) use direct selection tool to select both parts 2) take pen-tool and move close to first point and see the cursor change , and then click 3) go with the pen tool and move close to the second point and see the cursor change , and then click do the same for the other points
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    Challenge #69 : Cyborgs

    That 's ok argos , maybe next time :-) We have 2 beautiful shops , good luck to both :thumbsup:
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    Challenge #69 : Cyborgs

    still 4 days to go ...