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    Paid Need someone to edit the clothing in an image and the background as well.

    Hello, I told my buddy I'd try to edit an image for him but am having no success with making it look realistic. I am hoping one of the photoshop gurus on this forum is able to do this. He wants an image of him edited to where he's wearing a fire fighters outfit and maybe in front of a fire...
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    Background image change.

    I am fairly new to photoshop I tried to do this myself but all the end results turned out horrible. Could someone change the background to one of the images by putting the truck in the back? I added four different photos of myself and 3 different images of the truck if because I didn't know...
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    Blending object into another photo?

    Thank you that looks a lot better than how I had mines come out. Thanks for the quickie lol..this will work. Thanks again.:lol:
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    Blending object into another photo?

    Thank you Sam... No worries thank you take your time.
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    Blending object into another photo?

    Guess that would of helped..sorry lol. I have attached the two images.
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    Blending object into another photo?

    Hello I am fairly new to Photoshop. I know the basics but not very well. I am trying to blend a small object (bracelet) into another photo which would be around the wrist. I have tried doing it myself but the colors seem off you could tell it's been photoshopped could someone please tell me how...
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    Photoshop expert needed.

    I need a picture done which would basically require photoshopping me in with a College quarterback or vice versa. I need the picture to look like it wasn't photoshopped or the colors and brightness weren't adjusted when it's finished. I want to show this to a friend who is a huge fan of this...