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    Remove the glare on this pic and remove the guy on the right

    Looked at photo - there is not enough information there, it's all black. Looks like a person with their right arm raised and their face covered up to the eyes. Just nothing there. Unfortunately it's not like on TV where they make something out of nothing.
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    Lets talk about making a living from photoshop

    Interesting thread. Not sure why the conflicts. The business side is standard business stuff but the part about making money with Photoshop is something I have tried. What I found was that there was some work locally kinda catch as catch can BUT once the internet became involved the competition...
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    Direct download links for CC2015.5. products

    Like they say, it's not an official site. Yes, it's an affiliate site. Could be three guys in a garage - could be great, could be great yesterday and hacked today.. LIKE I SAID, I wouldn't use them PERSONALLY.
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    Direct download links for CC2015.5. products

    That's not n Adobe website and I would be nervous using it personally.
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    How to easily remove tourists from your travel photos?

    This type of process works well with large structures where the majority of the scene stays the same and just an occasional person or animal walks through the scene.
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    What Input Devices Do You Use?

    I use a medium WACOM and use the Wacom Mouse as much, or more, than the Wacom pen on the tablet.. I do have Win 10 and a touch screen but use the Wacom.
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    My First Work with Photoshop CC

    You mention three items ( 2 pyramids and the Pharaoh's Head),so they each need to be on their own layer. Once you have that you can move them around to get the effect you want.
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    Adobe Creative Cloud Br

    Just a note for Windows 10. If you want to find a program or a file in your computer just click the window at bottom left and when it pops up start typing what you want - In this case "bridge" and it'll pop up for you to click on it.
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    Please help me to fix this damaged, old, scanned, black and white photo

    OK, I give up, Why is there a big T on the face?
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    Hi from Australia + question

    One of the fun things with Photoshop is that there are many ways to do the same thing. You could also select the head from another image and copy it to a layer on a white background, make the hole on another layer and the shading on still another then with masks create your final view. The best...
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    Smart Objects Limitations

    Personally I would not convert a raw image of a headshot to a smart object. Bring it in as a regular PS file and use layers to make all changes. You can fix them anyway you need to and save as a .tiff file.
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    Which machine is better?

    Both quad core but his is an i5 and the other one is a i7. More RAM and the i7 would be my choice.
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    Illustrator not enough rams?

    If you think of "local disk capacity" as the file cabinet storage and RAM (random access memory)as the temporary workspace, like a chalkboard.
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    help with sun problem

    Here's one with a little more size.