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    Newbiee Saying Hello!

    Hi ! 8))
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    Restore Picture

    The reduced size hides some stuff, but it went like this : Set the Blur tool to Lighten mode and use it to remove the dark spots in the texture. (keeping the brush size about the same as the spot helps retain clarity, but you can get away with a larger brush and sweeping motions in areas like...
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    PlZZZZZZZZ Help Me

    Being able to do it and working for free aren`t the same thing. We would be glad to help you do it yourself, if you have the willingness to learn.
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    need to make a photograph of a dartboard look inflatable.

    If you follow the directions given on the other board where you asked this question, you should get pretty close. :)
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    Transform An Elbino Deer

    This doesn`t look as truely albino as I had hoped, but may get you on the right track. 1) Select deer 2) Copy>>paste (CTRL+C, CTRL+V) 3)Image>>Adjustments>>desaturate 4) Dodge Tool @ 20% to lighten up grey areas 5)Copy desat Layer, invert (CTRL+I) set to Screen Mode, 70% 6) Add white to clear...
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    Scanning and saving to a useable format

    Unless your scanner has OCR software, but that doesn`t seem to be the case.
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    filter gallery batch?

    What is a "filter gallery effect" ?
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    Scanning and saving to a useable format

    What sort of document is it ? Photoshop is the only save option your scanner offers ? The "Save As" option in Photoshop offers 17 formats to save as, among them pdf, gif, and bmp. Not sure I`m understanding the question....
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    I'm new to this. Here's some of my stuff.

    Well, if you want realistic, think about it in a realistic way. How did the blood get there ? Whose blood is it? Would it run this way or that, or smear or gush, or what ? It`s liquid, so it will be shiny where the light reflects off of it. If it stains clothes, it doesn`t just sit on top like...
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    Need help w/ how to use photoshop to move an image over on to template

    If the template is open in Photoshop, type CTRL+T (free transform) and hold SHIFT+ALT (to constrain proportions) while dragging a corner handle in. If the template is somewhere else, open the image in Photoshop, right click the image title bar, and select image size. enter the correct size, and...
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    grayscale and color in same pic?? Help

    CLRT+Click on the mask to make a selection. CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+I to inverse it (select everything but the subject). Then there`s lots of ways to go greyscale. Image>Mode>Greyscale CTRL+U>slide sat to -100 Make a new layer, set to Color mode, paint with black Channel Mixer.....etc. Play with it til...
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    I'm new to this. Here's some of my stuff.

    The retouch is pretty good. The highlights are a bit washed out. A Curves or levels adjustment might help there. On the blood, fresh blood is liquid. Therefore, should have a little depth and some highlights. Dried blood is a different deal. Which way did you want to go?
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    I need help!!!

    I assume you`re going to reprint it ? 300 DPI is fine.
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    problem in flash

    This is starting to sound like "desparate" spam.
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    Vintage Colors

    Not sure what you mean. These aren`t exactly "vintage" photos...just too dark.