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  1. EditCubit

    Stress at work

    Sometimes it is very very difficult, to focus on the good things but when I do find myself getting bogged down I go outside for a walk or drive. I put some music on and try to get lost even if just for a short time. I am also a big list maker for both work and home, some list items are all...
  2. EditCubit

    Filling Text with image

    Oh, guys sorry late reply. Thanks for all the answers! I appreciate it all. I kinda figured it out after a couple of hours trying different options. I used the Magic Wand selection toolset to contiguous and select the area outside of the text. Then I reversed the selection and used it to cut out...
  3. EditCubit

    Cheapest Devices that runs photoshop?

    I think there are cheaper laptops for sale that still works well with photoshop app. Try looking at amazon. Best of luck.
  4. EditCubit

    Road Surfing - Photoshop manipulation tutorial 2021

    You did, again thanks bro!
  5. EditCubit

    Filling Text with image

    I've seen plenty of people do it and watched videos on how but it seems to not be working.. I have a font called Jennas Popsicles I think.. I'm making a party invitation for my nephew's birthday. I need to fill the inside of the popsicles with candy when I clip the mask layer it outlines the...
  6. EditCubit

    Road Surfing - Photoshop manipulation tutorial 2021

    Are you the owner of those YT vids? I have to say, thank you for your free masterclass. Kudos!
  7. EditCubit

    Use of 3d

    What a creepy room. This was like in a horror game lol. Good job!
  8. EditCubit

    Composite First time trying to make a Simple Poster

    Oh, wow you did great on this one. :thumbsup:
  9. EditCubit

    Road Surfing - Photoshop manipulation tutorial 2021

    He's so pro at manipulating layers and clipping masks. I'm following.