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    Specific Remove Background

    There are many ways to approach somsthing like this, Here is a variation on Rich 54 process 1. Duplicate the base layer (CTRL+J) Click on the eye on the bottom layer and make it invisible. 2. Image/Canvas Size (anything larger will do …say 6x8). 3. Magic Wand w/ contiguous and 3x3 average...
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    Need favor...

    I only had a few minutes to rush the last iteration out the door. This version is better
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    Need favor...

    Lens and perspective distortion corrected
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    Specific Head swap

    After the fact but I took it to the next few logical steps... maybe too far for the OP's point.
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    Specific Remove nose piercings please?

    Here you go. I also took the liberty of removing the dark verticals in the background by replacing with smoother folds.
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    Specific Take junk off the table

    ...and a good job too.
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    Specific Edit out branches and leaves

    Here you go. Quickest edit ever, Hope its OK
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    Need a photo edited

    Here is my version pre-adjustments in both levels & clarity and before I burned in the highlight woodgrain.
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    Need a photo edited

    I approached this somewhat differently,. I added plywood to the bottom of the vertical piece. and that made the highlighted gap on the horizonal plywood narrower. Correct or not , blending the two vertical pieces was tricky and fun:)
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    Specific Remove boat from photo

    Hmmm.... the boat wake in Preston's image works very well. Doesn't look like a wake at all.
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    Specific Baby goot

    Dennis beat me to it and mine looks a lot like his.
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    Specific Clear junk off the table please :)

    Cluttered table gone. I edited nothing else. The other two are ready when you post separately
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    Specific Alteration of text on a graphic

    As bizarre as it might sound, I dreamt last night that I had made as aesthetic mistake on this. It was something I was going to do while creating it but forgot. It might not make any difference to the OP but here is my corrected vision. Note the C now mirrors the 3.
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    Specific Need an edit please.

    I'm not from the Associated Press and their stringent guidelines don't apply to me. I'm crafting an image, not delivering news so I have no compunctions about doctoring up a photograph to make it ,what I consider better. You may feel differently. At any rate this is my take on a great image.
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    Text overlay text

    Never would have thought of that...Clever