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    Abandoned School

    Thanks oliviadavid
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    Thought I'd give a little update on what's been going on. I won my case with disability. Don't have the details yet, I'll be getting them this week. I do know I'll get my first check on August 1st. Still doing pretty good after surgery, still not 100 % and doubt I ever will be, but that's fine...
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    Finally got my surgery done. I went in on Feb. 7th, by Feb 11th I was home from the hospital. Everything went well, though there was one problem. I lost a lot of blood, but they got that under control pretty quick. I know have a mechanical valve in my heart. It will last me the rest of my life...
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    Lonely Road

    I did make a small change, it did make it darker. Course that is what I was going for. I did bump the vibrance up a little. The rain on the window is easier to be seen. Still playing around with reflections.
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    Lonely Road

    I do like that.
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    Lonely Road

    The reflection is what's getting me.
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    Lonely Road

    I get what you're saying, I just don't know how to go about doing it.
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    Lonely Road

    Whipped this up kinda quick. I'm sure there are areas I need to improve on, just not sure how to do it.
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    Days Gone By

    I thought that by adding the lights it would add something to it, but I didn't do it right. But I do agree the first one was better. sc00t I will try to put together a tutorial on the first one. I will say that I'm not very good at doing tutorials though.
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    Days Gone By

    I decided to do a small update to this image. I turned on the headlights of the truck. I think having it look like the headlights are on (or at least attempt to) gave it more of an eerie feeling.
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    Days Gone By

    Thanks guys.
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    Days Gone By

    I got the idea for this from watching an episode of American Pickers. Plus I've always had a soft spot for old rusty vehicles and abandoned buildings.
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    Titan and Cruze renders

    Yeah those are exhaust pipes.
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    Dedicated to a member

    That is impressive, I really have no words for it.
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    My hero...

    Nicely done.