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    Plug Ins for Mac?

    I know there are tons of plugins built for the windows OS, but I have had trouble finding them for the Mac. Can anyone point me in the direction of places that offer Mac compatible plug ins? I would be very grateful.
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    My name is Apathy, I'm a beginner to photoshop. I used to run PS on my laptop but have recently moved to a Mac. Glad to be here.
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    Photoshop CS5 Styles Menu

    Okay I figured it out, thanks for the help :D
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    Photoshop CS5 Styles Menu

    Thats what I get when I click the down arrow on the Styles window. Is there any way to condense this? I know I'm probably doing something wrong but I just can't figure it out. I'm used to the styles window having a drop down menu that scrolls, not a big pop out menu.
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    Photoshop CS5 Styles Menu

    This is probably a huge newbie question, but I upgraded from cs3 to cs5 and when I access my styles menu, I get this HUGE selection screen that comes out and cuts off, is there a way to change this? I cant even access all my styles as the window cuts off abruptly. It lists all my styles, in text...