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    Thanks you guys! Especially you Gedstar. It may not be long . . . You;re the pips Mom. Good idea. Nice to see you Sam. Ha ha ha. At least I think that's you!
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    :frustrated: What do you do when your eye site is going? I just reviewed some of my jpegs of old PS manips and found stupid errors. I think I already had a 23 inch monitor. Maybe I need a 55? But, maybe I need a copy of PS software first, so I actually have something to work with. :slap:
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    Sorry, I just found this alert. I'm way behind on emails and such! no, it's OK; you needn't go out of your way. Just let me know when you get the albums up. I'm sorry that you couldn't save them to send, but such is technology: rips off it's own toenail while getting a pedicure! LOL. Thanks...
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    I like the new look I think. The spoofy titles for contributors and their number of posts are gone - NP for me. I'm glad you didn't remove the who's online, just repositioned it. Overall, it's OK! The bubbles are kinda goofy. IMO. But the new look is bold - that's cool. IK I really should come...
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    Hi y'all I know I've been absent like . . . forever. I can't find my albums. Have these been removed? They had better jpegs than some of those I still have since I lost PS. Now my sister wants some that are larger to publish in venues in her city in Northern Cal that have been hit so hard by the...
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    @gedstar I think my posts have been so few (OK, non-existent), that I can receive PMs but can't reply. :banghead: Thx for your contact and congats to you Moderator. :wave2: You can get my email from Hoogle if you want to reach me! Or you maybe can find it right here . . .
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    Pencil Drawing

    Do you mean that the representation of highlights in the hair are different from highlights on the face? I can see that, and wonder if one style or the other might work better overall? But it's cool Agent. I just think it needs a little more fleshing out.
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    Pencil Drawing

    As for the cartoon like character, and the other critiques, they are all fine. Just please remember what it means to be the artist. Agent has been doing his renderings for a long, long time. He has the artistic license to represent his protraits and other work however he likes. The dark lines...
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    Robert DeNiro

    agentmoeller That is some beautiful work. The strokes are masterful. Good job! :thumbsup:
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    Trip home

    Excellent news kiddo. You did not need a new problem!
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    Challenge 30: IF PSG RULED!

    Now that was inventive! (and a bit of loving work on your part) Love it!
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    Mountain Village

    Looking good Eggy. I've been watching this one develop. Interesting to watch the process. Great to see the outcome!
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    I need to hear from Challenge Winners

    Guess not! Ewewww. Don't ever clap like taht on my behalf. :biglaff:
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    I need to hear from Challenge Winners

    Re: I need to hear from Chalange Winners So you got them all? Good sleuthing. IDK why I thought there were more . . . Hardening of the arteries? 29 is quite a few!
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    Mad Max Car

    ugur chrisdesign I know it's been awhile since this was posted. I like what you did with the background chris. It was too saturated and didn't work well with the car IMO. But the work on the car itself is incredible!