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    Specific Turn Posed pic into a selfie

    Impressive job ex_teacher!
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    Specific Remove people from picture

    Really nicely done @Babine. Beautiful color adjustment and your grassy mound looks like no one ever even stepped there!
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    Specific Remove person from photo

    Good explanation Rich. You guys all did such a good job on this. Well done Gurus!
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    Make my hair straight

    So, you're like, the guy who, like, never says anything after gurus do work for you? Like, hmmmm. :fingerscrossed:
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    Specific Funny and challenging request

    Dennis, WOW. I'm sure the requestor will give you a big thanks for your great work!
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    Specific my grandfather as "the thinker"

    You guys did some great work. It's great to hear your gratitude Commandrer - very cool of you. Not everyone says thanks!
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    I really like the ghostly swirls and the separation of the foreground from the background. Too many layers? Not hard to do. Harder to go in and remove them - like cleaning house. Sounds like you've manipulated it to your satisfaction. Great work, or I should say, play. If we don't love it, why...
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    Mogsy, I really love your handling of the image, from the inclusion of the figures to the modifications you made to the scene into sepia. Ah, nostalgia!
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    New here

    Hi Mkie, Welcome to the forum. You can look forward to supportive feedback and technical help. Don't hesitate to ask. Gurus and members like Jeff are a great help. Administrator IamSam will make detailed diagrams - just because! Just be careful. As one new member observed, "I think I'm addicted...
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    New here!

    Just a little addicted? Holy sh . . . (not sure of the language rules here Sam :cheesygrin:) I'm not going to make suggestions on anything you did, because it's superb. I know what hours spent on manipulations and compositions add up to. Blissful and painful, layer after layer after layer...
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    About me

    Sorry for all the changes and the disappointment. I never cared for GIMP myself, but since PS doesn't seem likely in the near future, I may just have to play around with it again for some of the simpler things I'd like to do. Good luck to you on getting Photoshop. In the meantime, enjoy...
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    New here

    Welcome to the forum Ray. I love the idea of creating to music and really cool that it's your own. (I have drawn a personal version of art to music - very abstractly and mostly with eyes closed and pencil on canvas, lol - then painted it in. I know, not what you're doing, but it gives me a...
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    Specific Remove person in back

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    Specific Remove person in back

    Indeed I do Chris. I'm sorry the crowd has changed, though there are, I see, a few talented Photoshoppers that participate in displaying their fine work and accepting and using constructive critique. I was actually surprised to see that the challenges had still been going. And pleasantly...
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    Ready for holiday!

    I can only echo the others. It has all the feeling of a "The Saturday Evening Post" cover - done by the Norman Mause Rockwell of Photoshop. Your 2 years in Photoshop have not been wasted.