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    No files will open !!

    Hello all, Have just recently installed CS on my Mac (OSX), and when I try to open an image file no matter what suffix, it will automatically launch the PS app, but the file itself does not appear. Nothing. I have to go get them, after PS is already open. Very time-consuming to say the...
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    Feather Frustration!

    feather... hey everybody, guess what , I figured it out, at least for now: somewhere in my web travels I found a tip: to rename the preferences file, then restart, forcing a new pref. file I guess--well it worked! I had already tried throwing out the pref file previously, I'm not really sure...
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    Feather Frustration!

    Okay, why do I crash every single time I try to use feather? I am running Mac OS 9.1, PS 5.5, tried re-installing to no avail. Tried 5.0, crash crash. I am guessing there's some conflict, yeah right, but before I start combing slowly through the extensions and plug-ins and preferences all day, I...