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    Trying to replicate a similar effect

    Solid color fill's sufficient to achive this ? Need to change the blend modes ??
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    Kindly suggest me and teach me please

    @IamSam @Eggy Let me try both the options. Thank you and also let me try using Background eraser tool?
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    Need help making text stand out

    Heres my attempt. See the attached PSD
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    Kindly suggest me and teach me please

    Hi, Gurus am trying to cut a drone from its background. I used the pen tool to do it and I cut almost everything, thou some fringes left .tricky part is how to cut those propellors with faded ones? Any help and tutorials will be highly appreciated. My second part of the request is how to limit...
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    Help needed on paths and shapes please

    Hi, Gurus am a newbie to photoshop .recently migrated from other photo editing tools to photoshop. I need some help and clarifications .ill give my problem step by step. Kindly help me sort out the things. Thank you !! 1) I Took the new file with 1600 * 700 pixels and fill it with white...
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    How to make something like this. Please help me.

    How to make something like this.P lease help me. Is it masking ?? Please help me with a tutorial This is the one am trying to achieve This is the original Image :
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    Don't upgrade to CC 2019!!!

    But its loading much faster than the previous version I think
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    Hello am from India am new to photoshop and I like to learn photoshop. My classmates who are already members in this great forum recommended me to join. So am here to learn and improve my skills