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    Specific Cut out

    there you go
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    Specific Photo Restoration

    sorry you lost a lot of family photos.
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    Specific Help with photo

    best i could get it to.
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    Specific Again might be tough?

    there you go mate.
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    Specific DBZ x Obama request??(Must know a bit about anime)

    hope thats what you`re asking for more or less
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    :cheesygrin: I swear at first i was gonna use drift but then i thought he must like optimus better.
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    I had to change the transformer image because of the angle of the face, i hope thats more or less what you`re asking for. If you wanna change something let me know.
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    remove text from these pics

    do you have the ones with out the red markings ?
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    stain on face

    stain gone
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    Cs Go Team

    took a crack at it, dont know how complex o simpler you wanted it so i mix in both.
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    Help with coloring DOTA heroes

    Im not familiar with DOTA, are these real characters or selfmade? and if so, are we free to choose the colors?
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    Plz help

    there you go mate.
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    The mummy

    first in ink and lead then digital magic.
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    New steam Logo

    I took a crack at it. Here`s the line PNG if you want to change the colors around.