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    CMYK - that old favourite

    It's an illustration with block colour and it'll be printed by a professional printer. I'm going to just find the colours that look least murky on screen then speak to the printers to find out what they think the outcome will be on my chosen paper. Sound like the best plan?
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    CMYK - that old favourite

    I've only ever created graphics for the screen, now I'm trying to create something for print. I started a Photoshop document with a CMYK colour mode and soon discovered it would only let me choose colours that look murky on screen. I've been all over the internet to read about CMYK vs RGB...
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    Not a suggestion but a congratulations

    I've ended up here after spending over 30 minutes trying to work out how to post on the official Adobe Photoshop forum. It took me about 2 minutes to sign up here and start posting, so congratulations for being so much more useful than Adobe's forum! On the Adobe forums you apparently post by...