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    Photos on external drive. Is it quicker for Photoshop?

    I have three external drives with Photos on one and backed up on another. The third has Carbon Copy Cloner which backs up the whole system as directed plus Time Machine. My question was does all this make the Mac run slower or it it beneficial. I was told that if you keep all photos on the Mac...
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    Photos on external drive. Is it quicker for Photoshop?

    I have a new external 5TB USB3 drive and was told best practice is to store all photos on an external drive and import originals or smart previews into Lightroom or Photoshop for editing from there. This is to keep my iMac 1TB HD free apart from apps, docs and settings and use it as a scratch...
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    PS 2020 where are the Artistic filters?

    I have upgraded to PS 2020 on my iMac but now find the artistic filters are now gone. I tried PS prefs/plugins/“show all filter groups and names”and now have the artistic filters listed but it is greyed out. How do I restore them please. Are they not supported anymore?
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    Are my Lightroom CC image edits saved onto external backup volume?

    If I edit my images in Lightroom CC and then backup onto an external volume are all my image edits also saved and visible? In other words if I recall an image from an external backup volume will the latest edits be apparent, or will it be the original raw/tif before edits? Do I have to export as...
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    Xrite ColorMunki Display not optimised for OS Mojave?

    Thanks. I sent a question then discovered an earlier email address I had so also used that. Hope I get an answer now!
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    Xrite ColorMunki Display not optimised for OS Mojave?

    I have been using ColorMunki Display for some time, but now I have updated my iMac to OS Mojave I see it is not optimised. I assume this means it is not 64 bit for future OS updates. I have ColorMunki v1.1.5 which is the latest version so why not? I have tried to find the Xrite help email...
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    Image sharpening options

    Thank you and yes that would be the natural answer. It just seems that one is quite involved and the other quite simple.
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    Image sharpening options

    Is the Ps high pass filter sharpening action results the same as the Lightroom option? I am confused whether to use the high pass filter in Photoshop to selectively edge sharpen an image, or just simply to use Lightroom's Detail/sharpening/alt + masking slider to do the same. It looks as if...
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    Blinking Screen problem. Turn off graphics accelerator to solve?

    When I am editing an image in photoshop and lightroom I occasionally get a blinking screen when moving the mouse. I read that a possible remedy to this would be turning off the graphics accelerator. I also have the Nik editing collection installed as a plug in. Will this contribute to the...
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    Photoshop CS6: blinking/flashing black screen on new iMac with clone brush.

    Using Photoshop CS6 on my new retina iMac OSX (El Capitan) I am getting a flashing and blinking black screen when using clone brushes. I have read that I am not the only one who has this but there does not seem to be an answer. Is it a bug? Can anyone help?