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    "paste profile mismatch" but it is NOT

    no I do not. Dell s2009wb
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    "paste profile mismatch" but it is NOT

    The source and destination are the same RGB profile but Photoshop insists that it is not! The error message dialog shows that they are the same but the error still occurs. I do see a "VX922" thrown in the error but when I Google it, only airplane results show up in Google. I then tried adding...
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    Photoshop creating closed shape with pen tool despite Shift being held down

    I have a character image that her tail is cut off just a little bit, I am trying to use the path tool to draw a line from the points where it is cut off to complete the tiny bit where it is cut off and then use the clone tool followed by heal tool to to fill in the little bit of the missing area
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    Photoshop creating closed shape with pen tool despite Shift being held down

    I held down the shift key on my keyboard after I made my last point using the pen tool in Photoshop. But instead of Photoshop just creating a line like it is supposed to when you hold down Shift, it created an entire shape and closes it and fills it. Photoshop does not just stop the line where I...
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    Constant Photoshop Preference File corruption

    I'm wondering if my constant turning fonts on and off in Suitcase Fusion 6 is screwing something up in Photoshop. Also, I thought I'd give Photoshop 2015.5 a whirl. I thought that it was kinda weird that it made an entire new install directory rather than just updating my old 2015.2 installation...
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    Constant Photoshop Preference File corruption

    On another system. That was a laptop. This is a Desktop. KVCC (my college) says that it can run Photoshop. It has the same specs as the computers that run Photoshop at the college when I bought it from their eBay page.
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    Constant Photoshop Preference File corruption

    4 GB Ram, can be upgraded to 8. The computer is a Dell Optiplex 780. Video is Intel Q45/Q43 Chipset. Where can I find the scratch files? I am in the process of buying a new HD just for scratch files. The voltage and everything should be fine, it came with the computer. AVG Internet Security...
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    Constant Photoshop Preference File corruption

    I am getting quite frequently where Photoshop will freeze when "reading preferences" and will do this every time until I go into the app data and manually delete all files with prefs or preferences in the name. Various websites say that the preferences file is corrupt. After deleting the file...
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    Photoshop CC 2015 freezes entire computer

    I am having an issue with Photoshop freezing my entire Windows 7 computer. Photoshop would randomly freeze or freeze my entire computer where I cannot do anything for up to 20 minutes. I cannot do anything during this time, not even bring up the task manager. the 'Busy' cursor remains on all...
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    This brush as a custom shape

    I made this brush long ago as a Gimp brush that I eventually made it into a Photoshop brush. I kept the PNG that was used to make this brush and the PNG is attached. I need it as a custom shape. I read up on how to make custom shapes but it sounds too difficult. Can I get somebody to make this...
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    Path will not curve not even with direct selection tool!

    I created a line using the pen tool, but no matter where I click on the line, it will only add an anchor point. Reddit mentioned that I need to use the direct selection tool by holding ctrl, except that will only move the line around the canvas, it will not curve the line by any means! I...
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    Close Image = Photoshop Crashes (Photoshop CC 2015)

    Every time I click an 'x' to close an open image in Photoshop, I always get a "Photoshop has stopped working." This is not the case on my other Optiplex 780 (I have two), only this one. The Event Viewer Reads: Faulting application name: Photoshop.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x55681d39...
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    VRam error message in Photoshop ever since "updating" my Video Driver

    I updated my video drivers straight from the AMD website for my AMD Radeon HD 8210 and now Photoshop claims I have less than 512 MB of VRam when I have 2GB of VRam. I get an error message, "Photoshop requires at least 512 MB of VRam. Photoshop has detected less than that on your system." It has...
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    Define Pattern cut off

    I am having an issue where randomly when telling Photoshop to define a pattern, Photoshop with cut the top or the side of the pattern off every time I try to define a pattern, (see screenshot). It looks like it still will be tileable on this but that is not always the case when this problem...
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    Text effect like this (Breakthru SNES cover)

    I meant the whole thing. Color, shallow 3d outline, dark shadow bottom, everything. If I don't specify, it should be pretty clear I want the entire thing